About Emma


My name is Emma Jones and I lost my hair 24 years ago now due to alopecia universalis.

Needless to say I was DEVASTATED when my hair all fell out all those years ago and try as they might my parents found little to no support in our local area. We didn't have the luxury of the good old internet back then boys and girls! My goodness that really does make me feel old ....

I honestly thought I was the only girl in the world to be bald and have no hair and that led to a good decades worth of depression and anxiety.

The wigs back then were awful, I mean, really really bad!

I met my husband back in 2005 (thank goodness he is an extrovert and was able to bring little old introvert me out of my shell otherwise I don't think we'd have ever got together!) and after the birth of our daughter my husband Gary suggested I get myself online and start helping other women who were losing their care due to medical reasons like alopecia and cancer treatments.

I had always been (good!) wig obsessed since my teens and Gary thought I should share that passion and knowledge with others who needed help. I also have a pretty nifty skill (although a true introvert) of putting people at ease right away and I'm a great listener. I think this is down to my personality type (I'm an INFJ) as apparently this personality type is pretty rare. Only 2% of the population have this personality type! Or so I read somewhere online ....

Anyway! Long story short - My passion is now a full time kinda' thing running my very own wig boutique in Sheffield, U.K. Myself and my team help women everyday to look and feel their best in new hair.

I specialise in all types of alternative hair and have customers who are experiencing hair loss due to alopecia, cancer treatments, burn victims, gender transitioning and also fashion wearers so I get to meet an amazing mix of people who all inspire me to continue my work at Aspire Hair. 


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