Why you're going to be Krazy for Karlie ....

Another fab style from Jon Renau to go through with you today :) 

The Karlie wig is inspired and was created for Jon Renau''s new spring 2015 collection based on wearers feedback. 

Do you remember the Elle wig? If not you can check her out here. 

The Elle is still an incredibly popular style but wearers wanted something a little extra from it. 

We wanted a more luxurious cap!

We wanted something that would feel a little more comfortable as we like to wear the Elle so much ..... 

Jon Renau have listened and have brought us the Karlie wig.

Karlie is a high quality synthetic wig that is shoulder skimming / just below shoulder length. She does have a little layering through her which gives her good movement that's natural :)

The base is a fab one!

Karlie has a welded lace front from temple to temple which is going to allow you to wear the hair away from your face. The great thing about a lace front is that it gives you a very soft connection between your forehead and the wig. The transparent lace blends into your own skin tone and the hairs look like they're growing right out of your hair line!

Karlie also has a full monofilament top so you can part the hair in any direction. A monofilament top also gives you a natural look where the hair is parted.

The rest of the cap is hand-tied with no open wefts and has an adjustable nape (Velcro straps).

She's a lovely style don't you think!?

Let me know what you think of the Karlie wig and I'll speak to you again soon :)



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