The Scarlett wig | Jon renau Spring 2015 Collection

I can feel myself coming over all mystical and physic all of a sudden! 

What's my prediction?? 

Well I'm glad you asked! Here it is .... 

I predict that the Scarlett wig is going to be one of our BESTSELLER stiles of spring and summer 2015!! 

That's a big predication right? How brave am I making such a bold statement!? 

Well, I'm not brave at all (I'm not physic either by the way haha!) 

I'm speaking from experience as a wearer and from experience of what my clients at Aspire absolutely LOVE. 

Today were going to take a look in detail at the new Jon Renau Scarlett Smart Lace wig from their Spring 2015 collection.

The inspiration behind the Scarlett wig has come from YOU! The lovely people at Jon Renau have listened good and hard to what you wanted to see in this collection and they've created so etching very beautiful in the Scarlett wig :) 

The style is best described as a mix between the Heidi wig and the Julianne wig which are both massively popular styles. 

Scarlett's shoulder skimming style is easy to wear and care for and made using high quality synthetic fibre.

Now, I know synthetic wigs tend to get some bad feedback but the thing you have to remember is this. Wigs require care and need to be maintained. If you're not using a good quality anti friction spray on your synthetics then of course they are going to become a tangled and frazzled mess after just a few short weeks. 

The correct brush / comb. Shampoo and conditioning / anti friction spray is a must! More on this subject later as I have a post all lined up for you on how to get the most from your synthetic wigs but for now let's get back to the Scarlett wig ...

The base on the Scarlett wig features the famous Smart Lace front that gives you a natural front hair line. A welded lace front also allows you to wear the hair away from your face without anyone ever suspecting that you wear hair. 

The top, back and sides of the Scarlett wig is machine made and open wefted. This is great for keeping you cool and comfortable all day long. Another great thing about this type of base is that the price is lower than that of a mono top / lace front wig. Yay!!

I'd love to get your feedback on the Scarlett wig so let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Speak soon!! 


Glynis Sharpe said…
I love this wig! I also can't wait to read your post about how to take care of synthetic wigs. You mention an anti friction spary...never heard of it!!!
Mona Leis said…
I have recently ordered Scarlett after many hours of watching YouTube videos of ladies that love her. I have ordered many other wigs and will not wear them bc they just don't look and feel like me. I hope I am not disappointed in Scarlett.

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