The Power Wig | Annica Hansen Collection

Such a fab-tastic name!


I wonder if by wearing this style it would make us feel more like it's name - Power {full} ?

I think alternative hair does make us feel more powerful to be honest. There is no better feeling in the world for a women that wears alternative hair than finding that style .... THE ONE ..... The wig that makes us feel just like ourselves again or even better, an improved version of ourselves!

It's great to feel just like ourselves but just a more confident version. Do you agree?

So the Power wig - what do we love about her?
For starters the Power Look wig is a trendy asymmetrical style that everyone seems to be going crazy for right now. With the Power look you get a style that's short and neat into the nape (massive help with friction by the way!) and length around the face at one side.

I'd describe it as 'a twist on a classic short cut' :)

Power look is made using high quality synthetic fibre that looks and moves naturally. No need to worry about the 'Lego hair' look with any of the wigs that we offer at Aspire!

The cap construction features an open wefted cap for comfort and coolness and a mono parting for a natural look.

Available in 10 lovely shades!

What do you think of the Power Look wig? Let me know!


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