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I've spent an awful long time and a lot of effort sourcing products from outside the UK that meet the standards both myself and my clients expect from alternative hair.

Ellen Wille, Jon Renau, Follea ...... and many more amazing suppliers / manufacturers.

Now I'm feeling settled and happy with the range we offer from these companies I've started looking a little closer to home (I do tend to do things back to front don't I!?) and today I wanted to share a style with you from one of our suppliers based in the UK.

I've chosen the Anya style to spot light today for a couple of reason

1) This cap design reminds me very much of a smart lace cap. Anya has a welded lace front that's transparent and a full mono top. The back is open wefted for comfort and coolness and you can adjust the sizing by pulling in or loosening the Velcro straps in the nape.


2) The style is just so natural and easy to wear!

Anya has length to her but she in no way feels over powering thanks to the razored layers and soft side fringe. The fringe has been cut in such a way that it can easily be swept off to one side and blends beautifully into the rest of the style or you could wear it as a side fringe and use some fixing spray to hold in position.

You even have the option of cutting the fringe shorter to create a more full one length fringe if this is the kind of look you prefer.

Anya is made using high quality synthetic fibre that keeps its shape and style wash after wash. As with all longer length synthetic wigs friction WILL happen. It's simply UN-avoidable! The good news is that by using a good quality anti friction spray daily you're going to have less issues with friction than if you simply didn't bother using it.

I'd love to hear your views on the Anya wig.

Have you worn it before?

Are you a fan of this style?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time .....


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