The Annica Hansen Collection - Great styles | Great prices.

I had the pleasure of viewing each wig in the Annica Hansen collection at around collection launch time.

I always LOVE seeing new collections and wigs but I have to admit that sometimes you do tend to see quite a lot of repetition when it comes to styles.

The Annica Hansen collection is being driven forward by the lovely people at Ellen Wille which made me feel more confident right away. Ellen Wille really do seem to be a company that are listening to us as wearers.

From styles we want, colours we crave and cap sizes that fit! They are certainly listening.

So after seeing all 12 of the new styles in the flesh I was excited to get this collection on the website and select some pieces to hold in stock at the Aspire shop.

I always get great service from Ellen Wille and I was absolutely delighted when I received the collection images on CD just a few days later and discovered something that I think really does go the extra mile!

OK, so what am I getting all excited about you may ask. Well, as daft as it may initially sound the image below is what I was so excited about!

Yes I know it's a picture of a wig on a Manny head .... what's so great about that?

Well I'm glad you asked! The thing that's so great about this is that it displaying the collection colours this way gives us a much better idea on how the colour actually looks when we have no other choice than to purchase online (you can check out the entire collection right here on my website by the way :D )

Not only have Ellen Wille given us colour examples using full wigs but they've gone the extra mile for us alternative hair wearers and provided us with an image of every wig in every colour it's available in! Perfect - thanks Ellen Wille!

Today I wanted to talk a little about the Favour Look wig from the new Annica Hansen collection.

I had originally planned on going through each style (all 12 of them!) in this one post but then decided against it as

a) I'm a last minute kinda blogger girly and as much as i like to THINK I'm organised with my blogging goals every post does tend to be created at the last minute (the joys of self employment!)


b) Let's be honest ..... it would turn into one heck of a long post and we are all busy ladies :)
The Favour Look wig is a mid length style. It's layered and flicky and a great everyday natural density.

I don't know about you but for everyday wear I don't (usually) want to be walking around with massive amounts of volume. The Favour Look wig gives you just the right amount of body without it being over powering.

Favour Look is 100% high quality synthetic fibre as are all the wigs in this collection. The fibre is very soft and silky and doesn't have any of that fake look 'shine' to it that can be common with wigs priced slightly more affordable.

Favour Looks cap features a lace front (welded) which runs temple to temple across the front hairline. Lace fronts are GREAT for styles that don't have a fringe in them. You can even pin the hair back and away from the face and still have a nice soft and natural look. Favour Look also gives us a mono filament parting and an open wefted back and sides with adjustable strap in the nape.

Sizing wise she is just below and average meaning that us ladies with heads that are on the smaller side can wear successfully too. Bonus!!

Now, here's wear I get super excited.

The price.

Check out how much the Favour Look retails at right here.

I'm not saying that this amount of money is a drop in the ocean and I'm by no means wealthy! You never really have the opportunity to acquire wealth when you spend every spare bit of cash you have on wigs due to a wig addiction .... but this is a great price for a wig like Favour Wig.

She's not on sale or anything either. That's how much she is .... all the time! :)

And here's where I get excited again.

As a wearer

Check out how Ellen Wille have allowed us to gain a better idea of colour options for the Favour wig when we shop online.
View the colour images on our website!

so that's it for today you gorgeous bunch of gals!

What do you think of the Favour Look wig?

How about the colours!?

How doe's the price look to you?

Let me know in the comments!

Speak soon and massive hugs and kisses


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