The Affair Wig by Ellen Wille (and a video for you too gorgeous ones!)

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I recently had the Affair wig by Ellen Wille arrive at the Aspire shop and I'm so excited to share this style with you today. 

The Affair wig is part of Ellen Wille's Hair Society collection and boasts a good selection of styles and colours on beautiful hand made bases that are light weight and comfortable to wear. 

Most importantly these styles look and feel so natural that no one would ever guess you're wearing hair. 

Here I am wearing the Affair wig. This is the Affair straight out of the box and already you can see that she's very wearable. 
The density has been kept nice and light for a natural look and an extended lace front, mono top and hand made back make this wig light weight and comfortable to wear. 
This wig does not have any PU areas to use with double sided tape but if this is something you wanted I could adapt this for you :) 
Silicone could also be added to the ear tabs and nape for extra security, again, all you have to do is ask! 

I've also created A short video for you on popped it onto my Youtube channel. I'd love to hear what you think of this style. 

Have you worn the Affair wig before? 


Let me know what you think to this style and I'll be back again soon with another blog post :)


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