Sleek by name | Sleek by nature (and a fab price too!)

Long but not too long and super sleek ....

This wig is going to be massively popular I can just feel it in my little wig addict bones!

Why? Well for one she looks GREAT and secondly she comes in at an affordable price that opens this wig up to everyone no matter how tight your budget is.

The affordability factor is one of the things that most excites me about the new Annica Hansen collection by Ellen Wille and it's not just this manufacturer that has listened to what hair wearers have had to say .... Jon Renau are also offering more and more styles that are more affordably priced too so it's a trend that certainly seems to be catching on (more on the Jon Renau Spring 2015 collection in April!)

Let's take a look at the Sleek look wig in more detail below.

Sleek has length to her which is great but shes not so long that shes going to drive you crazy during your busy day to day life. The density on her is a really nice medium density so she doesn't feel to over powering either - another must have feature for a natural everyday look!

She comes pre styled with a soft light weight fringe that could so easily be worn off to the side or brushed forward for a different look.

The cap construction on Sleek Look features a machine made open cap for comfort and coolness and a mono parting.

 Now for the colours!

Sleek Look comes in 9 pretty shades and Ellen Wille have also included some rooted colours in there for us too :)

As always I'd love to get your thoughts on this style.

Check out pricing right here


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