My wall of inspiration ......

I recently signed myself up to a business course. It only took me 5 years!

I started Aspire way back in 2009 / 2010 and basically built on it by doing a couple of things

1: I read a LOT of books! I mean tons and tons of books. Marketing, website building, graphic design .... you name it I had it on my bookshelf.

2: I followed my gut. My whole intention with Aspire (and this blog) was to get information out there and in front of lovely ladies such as yourself. So you could learn facts about the different alternative hair available and make choices with as much ease as possible.

3: I had fire in my belly! I still have that fire to this day. It's what keeps me going day after day as a small business.

The business course I joined in January has been so helpful to me and I immediately wondered why I hadn't signed up sooner! No matter what stage you're at there is always more to learn and (as luck would have it) I love to learn :)

One of the first tasks my business coach set out for me and the ladies in the business group was to create a business vision.

What gets us up in the morning, what motivates us, what are we aiming for in our businesses, what gives you that fire in your belly that NO-ONE would ever be able to tame??

I spent ages on this concept during the whole month of January thinking that my business vision would be be some kind of complex plan or idea and I just couldn't quite 'get it'.

Then it clicked and I realised that my 'vision' is actually incredibly simple.

My business vision = my clients.

My business vision = the lovely ladies to come to see me.

Today I wanted to share with you my 'Wall of inspiration'. Not only do I have this wall pasted into my workbook I also am in the process of creating in in the Aspire shop. I have the perfect space that needs filling and what better way to give inspiration to all the new clients that walk through my door than to show them my lovely clients!

So there you go. My wall of inspiration. I think all my clients are very inspiring women and whenever I need a kick up the bum, motivation or inspiration on where I'm going to take Aspire next all I have to do is look at my vision and I know what to do for the best <3


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