Fab Offer Friday Club! - Are you going to join us?


When I was a kid my mother used to take me to a Friday club.

I LOVED Friday club!

I got to buy sweets and treats at the tuck shops, read quietly if I wanted to and make pretty things that I could take home at the end of the hour long club.

I'm sure my mum loved Friday club just as much as i did as well as it gave her an hours break from us kids!

As an adult the only ever club I've been a member of the an Erin Condren fan club on Facebook (yes - really) and my local slimming world club!! Don't get me wrong, the Erin Condren club is pretty cool and all but it's not exactly as exciting and thrilling as the Friday club felt to me when I was a kid.

As you may know I write a weekly e-newsletter and from time to time I send out special offers on different wigs and hair pieces to my gorgeous subscribers. My offer emails get such a massive response each and every time I send one which gave me an idea!

Why don't I make a weekly e-newsletter that's as exciting and fun as the Friday club was to me as a kid!?

So I did and It's doing great so far :)

I've now decided to open up my Fab Offer Friday club to EVERYONE who would like to join.

Here's how it works ....


 It's 100% FREE to join and only takes around 30 seconds to sign up!

All that's required is your email address and first / last name and you're good to go :) The whole point of the Fab Offer Friday club is to bring offers and rewards to my lovely subscribers and followers.

You can un-subscribe at anytime with just the click of a button but let's face it ... you're not going to want to!

I send out new offers, discounts and (occasionally) freebies every Friday throughout the year!

The Fab Offer Friday club differs from my regular e-newsletter (which you can sign up for here BTW as I'm sure you'd LOVE it too!) in that the whole point of this club is for offers and discounts.

I'm currently working on collaborating with other companies that compliment Aspire to bring you even more offers on things other than just wigs and hair pieces which is what I specialise in.


The Fab Friday Offers i send out to you each and every week are valid for a full 7 days right up until you receive your next Fab Friday Offer email :)

Every email will contain discount codes that can be used online which relate to the specific discount wig or hair piece of that week. You can also quote your code over the phone if you chose to place an order that way and your discount / offer can be used in store at the Aspire shop as well.

Would you like to join? Yes!? GREAT!!!! :D

Just click right here and sign up to my Fab Offer Friday club in less than 30 seconds and start enjoying weekly offers and discounts along with the HUNDREDS of ladies already signed up!

Let's make this club one that has thousands of members <3

Speak soon!



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