12 Reasons You're Talking Youreslf Out Of A Human Hair Wig (and reasons why you perhaps shouldn't!) ...

Blogging twice in one week!
It's unusual for me right??
Well, here's the reason why ....
Yesterday morning I woke up feeling fine. Don't get me wrong I was tired and felt like I hadn't slept all that much but that's the norm for me as I have M.E. 
I didn't realise I had a problem until i went to the toilet to tinkle and then glanced in the mirror ready to brush my teeth. 
All the left side of my mouth and nose was swollen! My eye was starting to swell too. Imagine waking up to that?? It certainly got my attention that's for sure. 
I had a feel around and found a lump just below my jaw. A gland no doubt. 
Anyway, to cut a long story short I headed out to see my Doctor who told me to rest up and return if the swelling didn't go down / if I got worse. 
So this is me 'resting up'. I'm not the kinda girl who can just STOP doing everything (I have a business to run and two kids, two cats, three goldfish and a fiance to organise!). 
What I've decided to do instead is to keep consultations a little lighter this week and spend more time writing and blogging. That's taking it easy and resting right? 

Anyway! Back to today's blog post :-) 

Yesterday I blogged about how a lot of women that come and see me see seem to have talked themselves out of a human hair wig LONG before we even meet. I listed 12 reasons I've heard from my clients on why they do this. 

Today I want to go back over this list of reasons / concerns and worries and add my thoughts to it. 

Sometimes the things we worry about are not really that worrying when you look at it from a different perspective. 

1: Too expensive 
Human hair wigs are more expensive yes, there's no denying this. But the way I look at it from a business AND a personal wearers point of view is this ...

The amount of money you could spend on a really good quality synthetic wig easily (and quickly) adds up over the year. Often what myself and my clients find is that you end up spending more on synthetic wigs over time than you would on one good quality human hair wig.
2: It's gross (yes seriously!) 
It's not uncommon for ladies to feel a certain ickiness when it comes to wearing someone Else's human hair) 
I actually don't have an answer to this one as it simply is what it is! If the thought of human hair puts you about then I doubt there is anything that can change that (other than possibly hypnotherapy or cbt!) 

Please be reassured that the hair used to create human hair wigs comes from LIVING donors and yes I have been asked if the hair used is from people who have died.

3: I'm terrible at styling 
I used to be terrible at styling too! but you know what? we can always learn new skills and often times things that seem IMPOSSIBLE are actually pretty straight forward when someone actually shows you how it's done. 
I'm working on bringing you an online workshop that's going to help you in this area :) Keep your eyes open for it around Summer time this year. 

4: I don't know how to care for it
You can learn! I'll show you how to care for it :) Again my online workshop course is going to help you understand how to do these things easily and effortlessly (and confidently!)

5: I never wear my wig in the house anyway
SNAP!! I take my hair off as soon as I get home too. Not because I'm uncomfortable or anything it's just that I don't feel the need to wear my hair when at home. Just FYI I also take off my work clothes and get my pj's on too :D

6: They have to be sent off and specially cleaned 
Perhaps donkeys years ago they did need to go off and be steam / chemical cleaned but modern day human hair wigs don't need this anymore. You can wash your alternative hair at home in your own time when you're ready :) 

7: They look un-natural 
 Not true. Please see exhibit A and B below ... These days human hair wigs (all wigs in fact!) tend to come on amazing bases that use soft materials like lace, silk and monofilament. If I suddenly started speaking a foreign language to you then check out my free wig workshop guide right here for more info.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

8: They're bulky 
OK - I'm not going to lie to you some are bulky and not so good. But the majority of human hair wigs and certainly the ones that I work with at Aspire are not bulky. Often times the hair has to be styled and thinned out but to be honest manufacturers are cottoning on to what we (the wearers) actually want and they're listening to us. 
9: They tangle and Matt 
Non Remy wigs will tangle and Matt I agree. Also, long hair needs regular brushing to keep it lug free but that's to be expected right!? If you find yourself wearing a human hair wig that seems to tangle whilst your brushing it then I'd say there is a very strong possibility that it's not a genuine Remy human hair wig. 
10: They go all frizzy
Human hair can frizz sometimes yes. It's particularly annoying when you spend 30 minutes sectioning and straightening your human hair wig for a night out then you step out the door and the heavens open! If you leave her to dry naturally then yes she MAY frizz a little. But that's just human hair being all .... well, human hair ish. 

11: They never look natural once cut 
Cutting wigs is so different from cutting natural growing hair. The same goes for human hair extensions too. my stylist described it perfectly to me once ....
"You can't and don't follow a pattern so much when cutting human hair wigs. Lines show up easily and you have to go with how the hair falls naturally as much as possible" 
Basically what she was telling me was that it takes someone who is experienced in cutting human hair wigs to get a really nice cut in it. 

12: It's my first wig , I don't want to invest

I totally get this! And I'd never push anyone to make a purchase they don't feel comfortable with. In this case if a client of mine is anxious then I go with my clients and spend extra time taking about how to care for a synthetic wig to get the longest life out of it :) 

Something else I feel i should speak about is the fact that not everyone can afford to throw hundreds and sometimes even thousands of pounds at new hair! It's a reality that not a lot of us like to talk about but it's very real. 

I remember finding myself in this situation back in 2008 just after my daughter Mya was born. Gary was working full time to make ends meet and I was at home with the kids and new hair time rolled by. 

We just couldn't afford it! We had no savings and I started to become really low about walking about with an old Supplex on my head that was starting to resemble a dead rat!

I asked my family to lend me money and they couldn't help. I was devastated :( 

One day my Mr Gary Jones sat me down and told me he was going to make everything better and all credit to him because he did! 

He sold his beautiful electronic drum kit (he's a painter decorator / wig expert by day and drummer / vocalist by night!) for a few hundred LESS than the going rate and bought me my hair. I don't think I've ever cried so much as I did that day! 

What do you think about today's Blog post you lovely lady you? 
Can you relate? 


Anonymous said…
The thought of not having money for a new wig is scary, let alone a human hair one. Finding someone to cut it in is a problem if you buy online. Worrying they'll mess it up! Synthetics often seem prettier and more natural and reliable than the cheaper hh ones, and the expensive ones, are, well, expensive. I do like the good stuff though!

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