12 Reasons You're Talking Yourself Out Of A Human Hair Wig ....

Ah the joys and frustrations of this crazy old world of wigs. 

The mono, lace, silicone, wefts and hair types ...... It can be a nightmare right? 

It's no wonder that women feel safer purchasing synthetic wigs at a lower price as the risk of getting it wrong seems to not be as big as with a more expensive human hair wig! 

This is where the importance of the consultation process kicks in. Don't worry - I'm not going to ramble on about how important this is as I did that a few days ago already ..... You can read that post right here 

Let's jump straight into it today ladies. Here are the most frequent reasons members of the aspire facebook community give me when it comes to them NOT wanting a human hair wig ... 

1: Too expensive 

2: It's gross (yes seriously! It's not uncommon for ladies to feel a certain ickiness when it comes to wearing someone else's human hair) 

3: I'm terrible at styling 

4: I don't know how to care for it

5: I never wear my wig in the house anyway

6: They have to be sent off and specially cleaned 

7: They look un-natural 

8: They're bulky 

9: They tangle and Matt 

10: They go all frizzy

11: They never look natural once cut 

12: It's my first wig , I don't want to invest 

How does this list look to you gorgeous one? Can you relate to some of these points? 

These are the things that I hear from my clients.

What always amazes them at my consultations is the fact that not all human hair wigs are created equal. 

Oh yes! There IS a reason why one human hair wig costs you a few hundred and another human hair wig costs you a thousand pounds or more.

I'd love to get feedback on the above list from you all. 

Check back tomorrow when I'll be adding answers and suggestions to each point for you! 

Until tomorrow ...... 



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