10 Ways To Lift A Bad Mood ...

We all have those crappy days when we're feeling irritated and in a stinker of a bad mood.

Lot's of things can effect the way way feel on a day to day basis.

Money trouble  *  Negative self talk  *  the weather health concerns  *  bad news  * not getting enough sleep ...... The list can seem endless sometimes!

The good news is that it's not as hard as you think to get yourself out of that bad mood.

It seems to me that the easiest way to get out of a mood 'funk' is to do something that makes you feel wonderful and it has to be something you actually enjoy!

As you've probably guessed already your list of things to do to lift a bad mood is more than likely going to be very different from the list of things I do when I'm not feeling my very best. Never the less I hope that this blog post will be helpful to you and provide you with a few ideas for the next time YOUR feeling crappy.

Here's my list! 

1: Give yourself a 'Power Pedi'

For me it's all about the little things. Something as simple as setting a side 30 minutes once a week (usually on a Sunday night) to give my toes a paint really cheers me up and gets me ready for the week ahead! I almost feel a little silly admitting this but it's just the way it is.

for the sake of 30 minutes of my time and a bottle of my fave Essie new polish (please note this weekly date with my toes automatically entitles me to a new Essie colour each week!) I think it works a treat!

2: The bubble bath (preferably with candles and floating silk petals) 

The bubble bath is a good old classic remedy for when a stinky mood strikes.
A few bubbles, a pot of affordable silk petals and a few candles (I tend to use those battery powered candles as I have kids and cats roaming constantly) and even a some relaxing music found on Youtube can make your bubble bath experience something really special.

A glass of fruit cider or wine also hits the spot quite nicely during these times ...

3: Make-up / Hair on

It's just so easy to wake up in a bad mood and think " stuff it! ". I have days when my M.E can be brutal and I wonder how I'm going to get through the day without counting down the minutes to bed time again.

I have to be really strict with myself during these times and the Make up / Hair on rule I've adopted works for me (almost every time). I always feel loads better with a full face of make up and my hair on. I feel more awake and alert and ready to get through the day.

4: Get outside in the fresh air

Gentle exercise such as a walk out and about in the fresh air is proven to help lift your mood. As much as you DON'T feel like leaving the house sometimes I literally have to throw myself out of the door and MAKE myself do it. But you know what? I always feel so much better for it when I get back from a walk.

You don't have to walk miles (I certainly can't!) but for me, just a walk around the local park or a steady stroll to the shops really does make me feel so much calmer and better.

5: Food glorious food

Sometimes only a big old plate of comfort food / stodge is going to work. And sometimes somethings healthy like a fruit salad bowl or ploughman's lunch does the trick for me. I'm useless when it comes to remembering to keep my fluid intake up! I mean, seriously useless. I can easily go all day and not have had a drink (or a tinkle for that matter!) which is just not good for your body.

Plenty of water or dilute juice keeps the headaches at bay and helps to keep your whole system balances and working as best as it can.

6: Talk it out

I'm a feelings bottler. I grew up being taught that we didn't need to talk about our feelings so much. If you were upset you kept quiet and dealt with it. If something bad happened you kept it to yourself and eventually you'd forgot.

The reality of this is that it's actually very damaging to not talk when you're going through the shit.

Science (and common sense) tells us that bottled up feelings can be damaging to our mental and physical health. So if you find yourself able to cope with something major but find you freak out because you accidentally put the cordless phone in the fridge then maybe it's time to start talking things out.

7: Create  |  Journal  |  Brain dump  |  Scrapbook

You know those colouring books you buy for your kids / little sister  / friends kids? Well it just so happens they are available for adults too! Check them out here on Amazon.

When I'm in an awful mood I always grab my journal and do a massive old brain dump in it. What's a brain dump?? Well let me tell you!

A brain dump is a wonderful thing where you grab your notebook and pen and you just write and rant about everything (and everyone) who is bothering you. Are you fed up with the cold weather? Write it down! Are you fuming that someone cut you up in the car this morning? Write it down! Are you feeling lost and horrid because of a health problem? WRITE IT DOWN!!.

Dump all your negative thoughts and energy down onto paper. Don't worry about being neat, full stops etc. Just get it all down and get it out.

8: Plan

You've probably heard this a million times before but it's really important so I would always have this on my list.

" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail " - Benjamin Franklin

It's just so true! I mean, if you needed to be in another city by a certain time and you had absolutely no idea on how to get there you would just set off and risk it would you? Of course you wouldn't!! You'd get out the old sat nav, type in the postcode (or at the very list the city name) and you may even pull up google maps just to be extra sure!

The same applies to if you've got a task to complete or a target to reach. breaking it all down and planning what needs to be done instantly lifts your mood as it takes away so much of the overwhelm surrounding everything.

9: Hug it out

A hug never hurt anyone and it's proven to help brighten your mood and lessen symptoms of depression etc.

No one around to hug? Don't let that stop you!

Our beloved pets love a hug too so if you find yourself needing a hug and there's no one around grab your kitty cat or beloved pooch and give them a hug :) I have two cats and one of them is not a cat you'd hug. Luckily though the other one thinks she's my baby and loves a good old snuggle from time to time.

10: Clear a space

Often the space around us can become cluttered. This can result in our minds feeling cluttered too! When I'm having one of those days I often look around my shop or my home and I think to myself " Oh my god I don't know where to start!! "

I always start in the same place though and that's my bedroom. My bedroom is the place I write most of my blogs, emails, social media posts and it's the place I'm usually found when it comes to updating our website! By keeping it as relaxing and clutter free as possible I find i can work more productively and (most importantly) sleep better at night.

So there you have it! I know this list Isn't for everyone but hopefully by just reading through it you may have had a few ideas of what you can do to help yourself when you're having one of those bad mood attacks.

Speak soon!



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