The Un-Spoken Worry - Wigs & Sex

Do we really have to go there?

I mean REALLY!!!?

Well yes ladies I'm afraid we do have to go there. Why? Well there's a few reasons why really .....

  1. We are women and sex is an important (and healthy) part of being a women
  2. It's a concern for many of us ladies that wear hair
  3. It's never really talked about!!!
  4. Alopecia and wig wearing shouldn't hold you back from finding a partner or being intimate with your current love

Why is this so hard to talk about?

Let me start by saying that I Googled info on this very subject and struggled to find very much at all. That's such a shame really as I think it's a subject that should be spoke about more often.

I think what makes it so awkward to talk about is that it makes us feel incredibly venerable and exposed in a whole new way. Naked-ness we can get our heads around but here's the concern that myself and LOTS of women I speak with have about sex and wig wearing ...

  • You realise you have to have THAT conversation with the person on  the other end of the lovemaking. 
  • It suddenly dawns on you that either way (or position!) you go at it (ahem) from, there is a very strong possibility that your alternative hair could slip or dislodge!
  • Upon realising the above 2 points suddenly you're not feeling 'all that sexy'. agree? 

Please don't let hair loss stop you going after some much needed loving <3

You may be reading this and thinking 'what's she on about!? Ain't nothing gonna stop me ....". But please, spare a thought for the women who are still not so confident and feeling very much as if their mojo has been taken from them because of medical hair loss.

When I first met Mr Gary Jones I wasn't worried about THAT part of our relationship. I think my lack of worry was largely due to the fact that I'd been living with alopecia and wig wearing for over ten years at that point and over time had 'adapted' to it pretty well.

I had a few tricks up my sleeve that would ensure my hair was going NOWHERE during those times of intimacy but as Mr Gary Jones has just pointed out to me (I told him I was writing a blog post on this subject) back then he found my 'tricks' pretty cute and comical!

" You used to hold your hair on!" he says with a chuckle.

Well, It bloody worked didn't it! haha :D

Do you worry about this? Let me know ain't no-one gonna judge! :D

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Janice Ryder said…
This made me smile. I remember a brief encounter where I'd hold in and hope it didn't turn into a frizzy mess.
With my current BF he knew about the alopecia but had not seen. We was away on holiday and things was leading on when my wig just fell off. I grabbed it quickly, then said "well you are going to see sometime" so just took it off. Now perfectly fine around him.

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