The Courtney wig by Jon Renau

I still to this day enjoy browsing websites and looking at different wig styles.

What I love even more is when I happen to stumble across a Blog post or review site where real alternative hair wearers post pictures or #Selfies of in their hair.

I like to see how it compares to the professional images created by each manufacturer.

A 'straight out of the box' look if you will ....

Today's blog is going to be putting the Courtney wig by Jon Renau in the spotlight and seens as I find it helpful to compare how a wig looks on the model and then on an actual most of the time hair wearer I thought I'd create this post with the side by side comparison picture at the start of this post.

Cap Construction

Courtney comes on an all hand-tied base which is a luxurious design. The cap features a welded lace SmartLace front from temple to temple so that you can wear your hair 'fringe-free' and pin in back and away from the face.

A full mono top gives you even more styling versatility and a natural look where your new hair is parted.

The back and sides of the Courtney wig are also hand-tied and Velcro fasteners in the nape allow you to adjust the sizing to suit you perfectly (:

Courtney comes with soft and comfortable velvet lined ear tabs and a velvet lined nape for added comfort.

You can check the Courtney wig out on our website right here. 

So what do you think!?

Have you worn this style before? I'd love to hear what you have to say about the Courtney wig in the comments below.


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