Why is the consultation process so important?

I have many emails everyday from ladies who are wanting my advice. I'm happy to help in anyway I can but the simple truth is I can't offer you advice unless I fully understand your situation!

Sure I could 'guestimate' and take a wild 'stab into the dark' when it comes to offering you advice but that's not my style ...

It's not what I'm about.

It's not what my business is about.

It may sound a little corny but I think that (as a women who has medical hair loss) the advice you receive is too important to be willy nilly and inaccurate.

This is why I own and run a wig consultancy. So that I can actually meet with my clients {you?} and give you ACCURATE advice that in turn will bring us to a solution that works for YOU. I can't do this via email. I can barely do this via Skype! Although, at least via a Skype consultation I can actually see you and visually assess your current hair situation.

I'm writing this post today as I feel that we seem to be missing the importance of just how important the consultation process is in today's world of emails and online purchasing etc ... That teamed with the fact that someone actually became very cross with me via email just recently because I wouldn't (or should I say couldn't!) tell her weather a certain expensive wig would work for her unless I actually met with her!

I was accused of trying to 'lure' her to my shop.

Why couldn't I just tell her via email?

Why was I with holding information from her intentionally?


Honestly I'm baffled. There is no way on God's green earth am I going to encourage someone to spend £3000+ on a wig when for starters I don't even know her head circumference. It's not a good way to run my consultancy and, lets be honest, It's just plain old dumb.

So, the importance of the consultation ladies

  • I get to meet you face to face and you get to meet me. You get to see how I work and what I can offer. 
  • You get to see that we are a 'real' business. We've all heard the horror stories being promised the earth and then receiving dolls hair through the post
  • It's a meeting between yourself and I. There is no obligation and no pressure. again, Pressure is not how I work. 
  • You get to try on LOTS of gorgeous hair.
  • I explain what each material is and the pros and cons of each so that you understand why something costs ££ and something else costs ££££

 Now, obviously If you have been wearing the same style for a while and you know what works for you then ordering via our website is no issue. But if you are new to collections such as Follea and the Cheveux Femme collection then you really do want to be getting it right first time as returns can be very tricky.

I hope I don't offend anyone with this post but in all honesty I can always answer your questions but If you are wanting to purchase expensive alternative hair and you don't want to come and see me for a consultation then maybe it would be easier for you to book a consultation with someone who you can get to for good, solid, in the flesh, face to face advice!

I won't guess on something so important to you.

PS: I once had a lady call me from the W/C of another wig shop 100 miles away to tell me she thought said wig shop was fitting her new (extremely expensive!!!) European human hair wig incorrectly and she was upset and could I tell them how to do it over the phone! HOW CAN I HELP!? If you don't commit to coming to see me  ...



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