The top 5 most asked questions about the Follea Gripper2 Wig

I get asked a LOT of questions about wigs. I expect it! I run a wig consultancy after all.

One collection that seems to attract the most questions is the Follea collection with the Follea Gripper2 wig being the wig that generally gets the most attention. Today I'm going to run through with you the top 5 most asked questions about the Follea Gripper2 wig. Ready? Fab-tastic! Let's get started then ...

MOST ASKED QUESTION NUMBER 1: How much does a Follea Gripper2 wig cost?
ANSWER: Well, that would depend on a few things really. First of all what hair colour are you wanting? A blonde shade or a brown shade? Blonde hair is a little bit more expensive then darker colours.
The second thing to take into account is the hair length. A 6" layered style is going to cost you considerably LESS then the longest 14" layered style.

MOST ASKED QUESTION NUMBER 2: How long will a Follea Gripper2 wig last me?
ANSWER: This is very much down to how you wear and care for your hair piece. I have some client who will get to the 2 year milestone and only just start considering getting repair work done on their Follea Gripper2 wig. On the other side of the hair wearing coin I have clients who barely make it to 12 months before the hair needs re-conditioning....
Basically, how long your follea wig lasts you depends on how you care for it.

MOST ASKED QUESTION NUMBER 3: How long do I have to wait for my Follea Gripper2 wig after I place my order?
ANSWER: I actually really love this question as people are always so surprised by my answer! Many people expect me to say 12 months or more but actually your Follea Gripper2 wig (and pretty much and wig or piece from the Follea collection) can be with you in as little as 2 - 3 working days if it is in stock in the UK. Most of the stock for Follea is at their head office in the US but even from there as long as the item you want is in stock (and it usually is in my experience) you'd still only have a 3-4 working day wait until your Follea is in the UK. 

MOST ASKED QUESTION NUMBER 4: How do I keep my Follea Gripper2 looking good? 
ANSWER: This is again all down to how you care for your Follea. But how do you care for it? What should and shouldn't you be doing? 
Mostly you'll know the answers to this yourself as it's pretty much all a question of using your common sense. Things like brushing gentle with a tangle tamer brush and using heat defence spray to protect the hair if your heat styling seem like obvious things to be doing with your Follea Gripper2 wig. But what about a few less obvious things? Read on ... 

Don't assume that by spacing out the time between washing your Gripper2 by weeks that it will stop the hair from drying out faster because it won't. Ideally I've found that your Gripper2 needs to be washed at least once oer week if you wear it all day everyday. Wash twice a week if you feel the hair is starting to get 'greasy' You see ... What happens to the hair when it gets greasy is that dust and dirt in the environment start to stick to the hair and it creates a horrible mess. Leaving your Gripper2 until it gets to this state before washing means it's harder to get clean and keep in tip top condition. 

So don't slack! You just payed a good amount of money on a beautiful wig so take the time and effort to maintain it :) 

I had a client a while back that was very discouraged by the fact that her Follea Gripper2 wig was becoming increasingly dry on the ends. After some investigating we decided between us that this was due to the fact that she had been (unknowingly) letting her straightening irons linger on the ends of her hair when she styled it. The wig was sent back for a re-condition and she adjusted her care methods . Issue sorted. 

I can't stress enough at how important it is to use a good quality sulphate free shampoo and conditioner on you alternative human hair! At first I didn't believe that this would make any difference at all but after I did a little trial of my own on my own Follea Gripper2 wig I realised how different the hair felt after just 2 washes using a regular shampoo and conditioner compared to the sulphate free stuff. 
Sulphate free shampoo is a little more expensive than the standard stuff but your not going to be using a whole lot of it that often really so it's worth getting. 

I'm not writing these out to tell anyone off by the way. These are all things I didn't know when I started wearing alternative hair so it's not a dig! But please do take the time to de-tangle your Follea Gripper2 wig with the care and gentle touch it deserves. Your hair is a work of art and (if you're anything like me) a very important addition to my daily 'wardrobe' and look. Treasure it. After washing use a wide tooth comb to brush through the hair. If you notice any tangles or lugs whilst your on and about your day use a tangle tamer or the wide side of a cutting comb to gentle tease out any tangles. Work from the bottom of the hair and work your way up as the tangle loosens. 

It's easy to slip your mind I know but make an effort to make wiping over the silicone areas of your Follea Gripper2 a daily thing. I know it can be an easy thing to forget but it's important that the silicone stays clean for a couple of reasons. 1) we all sweat and silicone won't absorb that sweat it will just create a layer in the silicone and hinder it's grippiness and 2) it could quite possible cause irritation if that sweat is just left to sit there and build up day after day.

MOST ASKED QUESTION NUMBER 5: Can my Follea Gripper2 be re-coloured?
ANSWER: Yes it can! It can also be re-conditioned, repaired and have hair added to it as it ages and becomes lighter in density. Here's one important fact I like to stress to my clients ...


By this I mean that it's going to be a long time before you'll get to the point of actually throwing a Follea Gripper2 wig into the bin. I doubt you ever would unless your Follea had an unfortunate accident such as setting on fire! 

Phew! That turned into a pretty long post didn't it!

I hope it was helpful though :) please feel free to leave me any comments or questions you may have. I love hearing from you guys! 

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Tracy said…
Thanks so much for that Emma! It was very informative and helpful.

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