The Pose That Showed My Insecurity To The World ...

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about acceptance and how it came about for me. In case you missed that post you can go read it right here.

The response I got from that post was pretty amazing! I had emails and messages through Facebook from women who understood exactly where I was coming from and that has spurred me to share this weeks post with you guys.

This pictures is the one that showed my insecurity to the world. See that hand curled around the arch of my head? It wasn't decorative. I wasn't trying to be all artsy fartsy! That hand demonstrated something that I didn't fully 'get' until just recently.

At the time I didn't see it for myself. I thought I looked pretty nice in the photo with my hand curled across the top of my head and, truth be told, I still really love this picture and I'm proud to share it.

But that hand meant so much more back then.

It showed my insecurity.

It showed my fear and hesitance.

That picture was possibly the very first picture I had even posted online of myself minus my alternative hair. Only my Mr Gary Jones and my two children had ever really seen me minus my hair!

Not my three stepsons or my friends! Never mind total strangers.

Now, four years on I look at that picture and feel proud.

Proud that I did it. Proud of who I am and what I'm made of. Proud of the staggering amount of women that come to me for support, advice and new hair each and every day.

Now I can post pictures of myself and feel proud and full of confidence.

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