Check out my new YouTube channel and Happy 2015!

Happy 2015 everyone! 

At the end of every year I sit myself down and write a list of everything I want to do or accomplish in the new year. 

Everything goes on that list! If I want to eat at a new restaurant it goes on the list. If I want to visit a place it goes on the list. Even stuff like 'attend a yoga class' goes on the list providing it's actually something i want to do in the new year. 

Doing this every year gives me focus and goals to work towards. 

I start in December by review my goal list from that year, checking off all the dreams that came true for me and the goals i achieved. Anything i didn't do or achieve i re-assess. Do i still want that anymore??? If not then i scrap that goal. If i do still want it then I work out why it never happened and focus on ways of making it happen in the new year. 

Well, last year almost ALL my goals were met! Happy days :)

One goal i didn't meet was to set up my YouTube channel and post videos to it once a week. My customers ask me for this all the time. So why had I not made this a priority last year!! 

Here's the deal. 


I totally conned myself last year into thinking that i was working towards setting my channel up and posting videos but something always prevented me from actually doing it. Stupid thoughts like ...

I don't understand YouTube

I hate my speaking voice

People won't want to hear my waffling on about wigs!

I don't have a video camera to record with

I hate my teeth!! 

The silly list went on and on. 

Of course, I wasn't unable to make videos due to the above BUT what i realised when i checked back over all my own reasons for not going for it with my Youtube channel was that It simply scared me to do it!! 

Well, the thought of putting myself in front of the camera still scares the crap out of me so I decided I'd just go ahead and do it anyway for fear that I'd never do it otherwise. 

The video is not perfect or polished but it's me so It'll do!! 

Check out my first video below


I would LOVE some subscribers on YouTube! If you would be so kind as to hit the like and subscribe button for me that would be fab :) 

Have a wonderful day everyone


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