Saturday, 20 September 2014

My new Erin Condren planner!

Before I start waffling on about how much i LOVE my new Erin Condren Life planner I'm going to share with you a £10 off link!!

Use the link below to get yourself money off and I also get money off my next purchase too :) It's a win - win kinda thing <3

Okay, so the temptation just became way to much for me and I finally gave in and ordered myself one of the Erin Condren life planners.

I have had my eye in them for the longest time since discovering Erin through Pinterest (god damn you Pinterest!!!!) but up until just recently I never really thought it was the kind of planner that would work for me. 

Que even more browsing on Pinterest and I began thinking that actually, the Erin Condren planner looks like EXACTLY the kind of planner for a girl like me! I discovered some really amazing blogs that gave pretty detailed descriptions of the planners and how they have 'converted' them to suit their own individual lifestyles and needs. So after a few weeks of umming and ahhhing and more than a dozen abandoned online shopping carts I finally just went ahead and did it. 

The delivery time put me off a little. I appreciate that they are made to order (well the covers are at least) but the Erin Condren website was giving me an estimated shipping time of three weeks. Three weeks!! I'm probably one of the most impatient people in the world which is why I was struggling with this. Any who ..... So I ordered. And I waited and then I waited some more. And then today it finally happened. 

This wonder planner finally arrived at my home.mall the way from the US (Gary was freaking out a little ..... "Another planner!? REALLY,!!!?") why is it that men just don't get it?? 

So she's here and she's gorgeous! 

So what are my plans for her you may be wondering? 

For starters I love love love the fact that I am able to change out the planner cover whenever I feel like a change. The cover easily snaps in and out again but it's not so easy that I falls out when you don't want it to! I tend to get a little bored of the same old thing all the time and seens as I went for the 18 month planner I figure that for an additional $15.95 I may as well get an additional cover to stop me from becoming bored with the look of my Erin Condren planner. 

I like the list style layout for the birthdays and anniversaries section but as my planner came with a separate little notebook for special dates I think I'm going to washi tape out the titles on the birthdays and anniversaries section and use them for something else. So far ideas I have on this are things like bills, weight tracker, exercise log etc ...

The year at a glance calendar is great for a quick reference but I don't think I'll be using it for much else other than a reference. 

The month at a glance is particularly useful to me as I plan on using it as my blog planner! Seeing the whole month in front of me over two pages will work out great for planning posts and jotting down the odd idea here and there. I may even use post it's as idea markers :) 

The week at a glance is the heart of the planner in my book. Perfect for planning out my weeks appointments with clients, goals for the week, sales tracking, order tracking and all the rest of it ready for getting onto the computer and filing away at the start if the following week.

Do you LOVE the Erin Condren life planner!?

Let me know in the comments below :-)


Friday, 19 September 2014

Why the Natalie O'solite is giving Codi a run for her money ...

I love the Codi wig from the Amore collection. 

My clients love it. What's not to love!? Codi has a modern style, great fibre and a mono top. Above all else she looks natural which, as an everyday alternative hair wearer, is pretty important. You can learn more about the Codi wig in yesterdays post right here. 

Today I'm wanting to talk with you all about the Natalie O'Solite wig by Jon Renau. Natalie stayed pretty much undiscovered by myself up until just a few months ago. As soon as I saw her in the brochure it was like a light bulb suddenly went off in my head! I needed her in the salon on display. I needed to see this wig.

Natalie ticked all the boxes for a large number of my clients who were wanting a cool, lightweight, modern and affordable wig. Being a shorter length she lasts for a good amount of time when worn all day everyday. 

Natalie is available to order in the Aspire salon as well as over the phone. I'm yet to add her to the website (I will do it eventually!!!). 

And here is one of my lovely ladies wearing her new Natalie in a vibrant red :) 

Let me know what YOU think of the Natalie O'Solite by Jon Renau in the comments below :-)

Thursday, 18 September 2014

5 Things you're gonna love about the Codi wig!

I felt a spot of wig reviewing was in order. 

It's been a while since I blogged about what we have in stock wig addict style! 

The Codi wig is made by Rene Of Paris and is part of their Amore collection. As I've mentioned before Codi is one of our best sellers. Read on to discover 5 things that you are going to LOVE about the Codi wig ...

1- she has a mono top! Codi features a full monofilament too that double layered and super soft and comfortable against the scalp. Mono tops are great for creating a natural looking parting in the hair and it also allows you to part the hair anywhere you'd like within that top area.

2- Codi is a cute style!. Now I know that there are tins of cute styles available today but the Codi really is a winner for almost all of our clients. She just seems to work for everyone who tries her on! Codi is a stylish bob that graduates longer towards the front around the face. You can wear her as she comes or have a fringe cut into her if you'd prefer. One of the things both myself and my clients love about Codi is the profile look!

3- Codi is made using high quality synthetic fibre that looks natural. The movement and appearance of this fibre mimics natural hair wonderfully. You don't have to worry about overly shiny hair with the Codi. Another fab-tastic thing about synthetic fibre hair is that it's a lazy girls dream (and I mean this in the nicest possible way!) if Codi's style was cut into human hair you can imagine the maintenance! You'd have to wash, blow dry under and straighten this style everyday to keep it looking amazing and polished. You don't have to worry about going to all that effort with the Codi as she'll dry perfectly styled for you after every single wash!

4- you can mess and dress her up! Don't be follea into thinking that just because Codi is a shorter style and made of synthetic fibre that you can't change up the look of her. You totally can! Style her using your fingers, clip or braid sections back and pin, tuck and poof here and there! You'd be surprised how many different looks you can achieve with the Codi. 

5- she's affordable! Compared to other wigs Codi is very affordable. You can pick her up in our website or in the salon for under £200 and she comes in a great selection of colours too!

Have you worn Codi before? Let me know below!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pretty little AUK badges!

I love anything and anyone that strives to raise awareness of alopecia. 

Whilst browsing my personal Facebook news feed a week or so ago I came across a post from the wonderful people across at AUK advertising some pretty little badges they had for sale in their eBay store. 

I couldn't resist hopping on over and purchasing one.

You can check out the AUK website here and please do have a browse through the items they have for sale in their eBay store!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The work | life balance .... Any tips?

People seem to think that I only blog about the things that I'm good at. You know, like I've totally got things together and I'm just sailing along in my merry little (hot pink) boat on a sea that's calm and pleasant. 

News flash!!

I'm a fraud.

Well, I'm not a fraud as I don't pretend to have it all together but you know what I mean ....

I have my little business which is ticking over wonderfully and my family and my planners and organisation ideas but not everything is perfect. Nothing is ever perfect! But I guess that's just the way life has to be. 

I'd get bored if I had everything and everything was perfect. What would I work towards if I had everything there was to have? What would I get excited about? What would motivate me!? I'm the kinda girl that needs to concentrate on being motivated. It doesn't come naturally to me! I need to feel that excitement and passion. It's what drives me to finish a task and complete a goal. And if my excitement has to come from putting a little tick next to a task on my to do list then so be it! I accept that. 

When I first started my business people always said to me ..... "Make sure you get the 'work | life' balance right!" And "don't forget to set boundaries!" 

Whaaaaaat? FOOLS! They haven't got a clue what they're talking about right? 

Ahhhh but the fool was I *places back of hand to forehead dramatically* 

Those (annoying at the time) advice givers are no fools. They're bloody geniuses!! And they were absolutely right in their advice. Working for yourself is hard, like super duper hard! But it's very rewarding at the same time. 

Last year (right before Xmas) I was in a bad way. An emotional wreck Mr Gary Jones called me! Why? I'd burnt myself out. After four years of fighting, working, building, stalking (in the most professional non weirdo way of course), begging, borrowing and being 100% fixed on my goals I had reached burn out status. 

I was working in the shop until late at night seeing clients. I was taking orders over my mobile phone at 11am at night and responding to emails at 1am. Some of my regular clients who knew me well enough by then used to call me nearing midnight some evenings to discuss colour options and fittings!! 

Was it their fault? Are my clients bad people? NO OF COURSE NOT! My clients are the best. Super duper fab-tastic and I love each and everyone of them to pieces ❤️ The problem was I never set my boundaries back in the early days. No where did I state that I would be UNAVAILABLE after 7pm. In fact I had done the total opposite and let everyone know that I could be reached at a ll times days and night! 


I'm a people pleaser I guess? I don't like upsetting people? Something like that. 

One thing I find that really helps me is to try and keep a balance between my work and home life and me being me ....... well, there's a printable for that! 

Enjoy! Let me know how you balance your work / home life :) 

Monday, 15 September 2014

New contact lenses for this wig addict!

I've had to wear glasses to correct my vision since I was 17 years old. Being told that I needed to wear them didn't necessarily mean that I did wear them though! I've never really liked how I look in glasses. And while I have friends and family members who wear specs and look AWESOME, I was always self conscious that they never looked quite right on me. 

I refused to wear my specs up until the age of 25 by which time I pretty much had no choice in he matter as I just couldn't see very well at all! I have that astigmatism thingy me doodle in both eyes. Instead of my eyeballs being lovely and round they are in fact shaped like two rugby balls. Nice huh? ...

I tried contact lenses a few years back but had a really bad experience with them. For one I couldn't see through me and may as well have just not worn my glasses and two they dried my rugby shaped eyeballs out something chronic. So back to my specs I went ....l cursing and feeling a little sorry for myself (I'm dramatic but you guys now this already if you've been reading through my blog!) 

I went to see a new optician about six months ago and he suggested a trial of some new contacts. I believe they are called 'tuaric' but don't I'm not 100% sure that's right. Anyway, these new lenses are super thin and soft and they are weighted so that the lenses rotate to sit perfectly even in eyes that are rugby ball shaped like mine. 

I was so excited for my appointment to pick them up! Having worn lenses before I thought I'd have no problem with putting them in and removing them. Well, I was half right! 

Getting them in was no problem at all. Like riding a bike I remembered how to do this and they felt comfortable within seconds. No pain and no worries. I wore them for ten minutes or so then he asked me to remove them so he could see if be OK at home with my new lenses. 

Now here's where I ran into problems! I just couldn't get the little blinkers out!!! After much faffing (a full 20 minutes!!!!!) I finally got my right contact lense out but I could get my left one out. 

"Emma, you have to put them in and remove them THREE TIMES before I can let you go home with them" 


Well as you've probably guessed that didn't happen. I felt even worse that I'd made my optician late for his next appointment too ... 

So he booked me back in for a few days later and in I walked, head held down in shame at being the WORST contact lense patient ever in the history of all mankind. 

Here we go again ....

In go the contact lenses. Right eye, check! Left eye, check! 

Now take them out ....


Damn you rugby ball shaped eyeballs .... Damn you 😩 

Eventually I did manage to get them in and out (three times) and my optician allowed me to leave with them.

It's taking me a while to get used to them and I'm wearing them for as long as I feel i can cope but one thing I will say is I'm going to have some fun trying out new eyeliners and false lashes!