Monday, 21 April 2014

We've got a better idea for Prince William than Alpaca Wool; Kate suggests Alpaca Toupee for William

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or Kate & William are currently in Australia, taking in the sights and meeting lots of local people.

One of the stories from their trip which has been widely reported and will stick around for a long time, is Kate's comment about Alpaca Wool. On Good Friday, the pair visited the Royal Easter Show and stopped to watch a Shearing demonstration. Farmer Lyn Crejan held out a tuft of alpaca wool, which happened to be a similar shade to William's hair, at which point Kate was heard to laughingly suggest that William put it on his head because 'you need it more than me'. Now she may have got the colour matching right, but the look, texture, fit and comfort probably won't be! We've got some better solutions for William than Alpaca Wool ;-) 

Now Prince William has classic Male Pattern Baldness, an affliction that a lot of UK men suffer from. Potential solutions include visiting a Trichologist like Mark Blake (, considering Hair Plugs (Transplant), leaving it as is, or looking at Alternative Hair solutions like the ones we provide. Here's what's on offer at Aspire Hair (and it's a darn sight better than Alpaca Wool)...

A custom-made solution...
If you are looking to keep your own hair and infill the relevant patches you will need to use custom-made pieces which are bonded i.e. Glued. We'll create a template of the exact area required then take a sample of the hair / colour. We'll then send this off to be made with the hair matched as closely as possible in terms of texture, colour and density as your natural hair. It'll be built on a lace cap meaning the hair will have the appearance of growing straight from your scalp. The advantages of this is it can bulk out your real hair; can be washed while on your head; looks incredibly natural and is a semi-permanent solution. The downside is you will need to remove and reapply the piece every 2-3 weeks which is a sticky job.

Here's one of Emma's clients who's really pleased with the result:

An off-the-shelf alternative...
Wigs come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can have synthetic fibre (slightly less durable but really affordable) or can be made from human hair. They are pre-styled and affordable and can be taken on and off at a moments notice. Depending on how secure you want them to feel, they can go over the remaining hair, or you can shave the hair underneath and bond the wig on with glue. The advantages of these are they are affordable, blend in, don't have to be replaced if the bald area gets bigger and need a bit less maintenance. The downside is they can be slightly hotter and you'll need to change your hair are habits a bit.

At Aspire, we stock HairMANia wigs for men which come in a diverse range of colours, lengths and styles. Here's one from the collection and we'll be adding them to the website as soon as they've sent us the right pictures ;-)

As I said, there are lots of options for men and we're happy to advise in our clinics in Cheltenham or Sheffield! Just email us or give us a call to book.

Back to Wills & Kate and it's probably not what they want the trip remembered for, but I have a feeling that this story will stick around for a while!

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A jam packed day of #Wig Consultations

As you might have seen, Emma from #AspireNorth came down to see me on Saturday 19th April. Our plan was to put the finishing touches to my training, go through the stock I will be carrying and discuss all the opportunities available to us.

We met with three different clients, each of whom is at a different stage of their journey. It was absolutely fascinating talking about other people's experiences and feeling like I can do a bit to help out! 

Client one, is a new client for Aspire. J, is just starting out on her journey; experiencing Hairloss which began two months ago and was originally expected to be Alopecia Areata. Continued loss has prompted her to opt for a custom-made, human hair wig with a lace front and in the meantime, the Blake by Jon Renau offers a fab safety net. J is fantastic; really positive and outgoing and generally quite sorted with the hairloss. Sure she's disappointed it's happening, but she's a great ambassador for positive thinking. I really enjoyed meeting her and sharing experiences at the same time as discussing wigs. The Blake is now winging it's way to us and will be with J by the end of the week!

Client two, L, has had total hairloss for several years and is au fait with all things wig. Her biggest challenge is a petite head which means wigs can be baggy or loose when worn. She was looking for a new style for summer and the Jon Renau petite range offers plenty of diversity. L is reaching a stage where she is confident bald, has a lovely and extremely supportive husband and wants to have the choice between hair and no hair. She was really inspiring and fun!

Client three, K, has been in touch with Emma for several years but they have never met! She's a total Follea convert and as she said "Follea feels like a part of her". She was interested in the new 5055 colour and fell in love with it the minute she walked through the door! It looked absolutely cracking and she was a total convert. K was full of brilliant anecdotes and talked about the virtues of Follea and of the Zara wig which she uses just for holiday!

Something which struck me throughout all the appointments is that Alopecia is tough for everyone; the person involved and their family. However more important that that, it has the potential to bring out the best in people and I'm proud to have met these three ladies! I can't call them consultations really, it was more like meeting new friends and getting the opportunity to chat about something I'm passionate about! Long may it continue and here's to meeting many more fellow Alopecians!

Coming back to Emma and Me and it wasn't just consultations; we also talked about our grand plans for Aspire and met up with Mark Blake from Mark Blake Trichology. There's lots in the pipeline and we cannot wait to share them all with you in the near future!

Victoria xxx
Aspire Hair South