Friday, 10 January 2014

Follea wigs - The End Result

I'm going to have to hold my hands up here and just admit it. Last night I had a serious case of 'Bloggers block' and I couldn't for the life of me think of how to end this weeks series where I've been focusing on the Follea collection of wigs. 

After a while of staring at my blank laptop screen i decided to take a break and stop forcing it. 'Have faith' i told myself 'The idea will come soon enough ...'. Soon enough an idea did come and i think it's a great way to round off this weeks theme of Follea hair and its versatility to hair wearers. 

I want to share with you some pictures of ladies I've met over the past year and have introduced to the Follea collection. I know as a hair wearer myself, that i LOVE to see pictures of real women in their alternative hair. Take a look below and remember to join me again next Monday where ill be putting six of the best Jon Renau SmartLace wigs in the spotlight :) 

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

See you Monday! :) 


Thursday, 9 January 2014

Create the perfect bun in your Follea wig

Creating a stylish bun hair style in your Follea wig is simple. So simple in fact that i just know ANYONE can do it. I've really enjoyed writing posts this week that demonstrate how versatile wearing alternative hair can be. I could honestly go on forever! But i promised everyone a week of Follea and that week is almost at its end now. I hope you've all enjoyed this series! If you have then please take a moment to Follow/Subscribe to my blog and give me a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Id love to hear how you've got on with re creating the styles I've featured this week.

OK, Lets get right on with today's 'How To'.

For today's style you'll need the following

1) A doughnut bun form (any size)
2) Some hair grips (bobby / Kirby grips)
3) A comb
4) Your Follea hair and Follea care head
5) A couple of elastic no snag bands

Using your fingers, pull the hair of your Follea wig back to make a loose (ish) low ponytail. You can place the ponytail higher if you'd like to but for this tutorial i decided to go for a low ponytail.

Secure the pony with a transparent elastic hair band and brush your pony tail smooth ...

Next, Slip on your bun doughnut form. I got mine from Primark and it cost me £1.50 for a large one. The smaller ones are even cheaper!

Now here's the part i originally struggled with. How do you get the hair to split and cover all the doughnut! The best way to do this I've discovered, is to lay your Follea care head flat on its face (yes really!!) and using your comb, position and comb the hair until it covers up the doughnut form. It should then look a little something like the picture ti your right ...

The next step is to take another transparent elastic hair band and stretch it out for it goes over the bun form and secures the hair at the base of the ponytail.

Easy peasey right!

Now take a couple of bobby pins and secure any loose ends that remain by tucking them under the bun and securing with a grip. 

That's it! I think the next time I'm in Primark I'm going to treat myself to a few smaller bun forms as this one felt a little too big for my own personal tastes. Its a really simple style to create for an event or night out.

Tomorrow will be the last Blog this week on Follea wigs and i hope you've enjoyed the series! Next week is going to be focused on the Jon Renau SmartLace collection and i hope you ll be joining me to take a look at six of the best selling SmartLace wigs in my salon. Take care!

Your Follea Wig - Straight Out Of The Box! 

Welcome to today's Post in my week long series of 'How To's' with your Follea wig :) Today I wanted to show you how your new Follea wig can be 100% wearable and natural looking right out of the box ..... no cutting needed! With just a little know how and some basic styling you really don;t have to panic if that salon appointment is weeks after the arrival of your new Follea. 

Read on for more tips and trick on how achieve this. I hope you guys enjoy it :) 

First i want you to position and secure your new Follea wig onto your Follea Care head ready for styling. If you need pins to do do this then go ahead and insert some pins at each ear tab and insert to in the nape area. 

The first thing I do is to decide on where id like my parting to be positioned. Also have a little think about the kind of parting you want. Do you want it to extend quite far back on your head? Or would you prefer a smaller length parting that then moves back at the crown area giving the appearance of more volume? 
Once your made your choice i want you to take your water spray bottle and lightly mist the top section of your Follea wig. Comb through and re mist if needed. The idea here is to damp the hair down where you'd like your parting to sit. Doing this makes the hair more positionable (Is that a real word??) and will ensure the hair doesn't bounce back which can be pretty annoying! 

Using your tail comb, trace the tail through the hair and map out your parting position .... like this ... 

Comb through at either side of your parting to ensure the hair is sitting flat against the base of your Follea wig. If its not, re mist with you water spray and comb through again until it sits flat. 

Next i want you to take out your hair dryer and attach the smoothing nozzle onto the end of it. Starting at either the front or the back of you new parting i want you to blow dry the hair in a downward motion as shown below. Don't be afraid of getting your hairdryer to close to the hair! We will be working for such a short time on this area that you wont cause any damage i promise :) 

Continue to do this until all the hair is dry and sits flat against the base. Operation position the parting complete! Well done. 

You can now go ahead and straighten or curl your Follea wig if you'd like to :) I decided id give this one a quick run through with the hair straighteners

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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Soft Waves - Follea Wig 

Creating soft waves or even tighter curls in your Follea wig is not difficult. Really! Its not.There are lots and lots of different ways of doing it but today I'm going to share with you the way i like to do it with my own Follea gripper wig. This method is easy, quick and soon you'll be doing it without even having to think about it! Lets get started ... 

You'll need the following to create your new hair style in your Follea wig

Your Follea wig 
Hair straighteners
Sectioning clips
Follea care head and clamp set
Pins (if needed) to secure your Follea wig to the care head

Once you've got everything you need together i want you to section your Follea wig as shown below. The sectioning is exactly the same as i described in my previous post (How To Flat Iron Your Follea). Once you have your wig sectioned you can start working on creating your new waves or curls.

Take you hair straighteners and switch them on. Id recommend investing in some straighteners that have a temperature control function on them. Set them to around 150-160. If you find you find that this temperature is not working so well for you then turn them up a little. or use smaller sections of hair when attempting to wave/curl them. Now i want you to take a section, starting at the nape and wrap this section loosely around two fingers as shown below. If you want to create more of a tighter curl than a loose wave then just wrap the section of hair around your fingers more tightly.

Pinch the wrapped hair and slide it off your fingers. Now take your hair straighteners and (CAREFULLY) clamp them down at the top of the hair like this 

Keep squeezing the irons open and closed and keep them constantly moving. Mind your fingers! A heat protection glove can be used if your a little worried about catching yourself. 
Once heated, let the curl fall into the palm of your hand and squeeze quickly before releasing it. Ta Daaa! You've just created your first perfect wave :) 

Continue doing this, section by section until all the back section of your Follea wig is waved or curled. 

Now move onto the side section and repeat the process!

What i like to do is let all the waves cool for 5 minutes or so and then separate them a little with my fingers for a more relaxed look :) 

And it doesn't have to stop there ladies! Get your thinking caps on and create different styles with your Follea wig. 

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Check back tomorrow for the next edition to my how to with your Follea series