Merry (almost!!) Christmas :-)

Merry (almost) Christmas!

Are you excited yet for the 'big day'?. I am! I can't wait to watch my children and loved ones open up their gifts from Santa and see them have fun on Christmas morning.

I can't wait to go out for dinner this Christmas. Something we have never done before so it's going to feel like a real treat for for us as a family!
As women (and mums, partners, sisters, aunts etc) we often work super hard to create the perfect Christmas for our family and friends. This is great and very admirable and something we should be very proud of ourselves for I think!

But what about us?

What about YOU!?

I'm more than sure you'll be getting some fab-tastic treats this Xmas and you'll be grateful and enjoy everyone in their own right!

For me personally though, nothing makes my Xmas more than the following three things ...

Christmas Jammies

Luxurious bath and body treats

New hair (or money towards new hair!!)
Now, gorgeous ones ... I'd love nothing more than to be able to send you out an email telling you that I'm giving you gorgeous free hair for Xmas as a way of saying thank you for your continued support over 2014.

I'd LOVE to send that email out but unfortunately I am not yet a millionaire so that email will have to wait! One day though maybe ..... one day <3

 What I CAN do though is make the new year a little better for you by letting you know about our January sales!

Remember the Black Friday sales we held at the end of November?
Well, this sale was so popular and the feedback we got back from you all was that the discounts we offered were very VERY welcome! And I can totally understand that as I love a good bargain too!!

So, I've sat down and worked out what the most popular products were through the whole of 2015 and created a sales section on the Aspire website and popped all the items in their for you. If you click through to the website right now you will see the JANUARY SALES SECTION listed under our shop heading on the website BUT you'll see its empty (or should I say hidden!) until midnight on the 26th December which is when our sale will start.

 Have a fantastic Christmas everyone and here's to an amazing 2015! I'd just like to say again that I really appreciate all of your support during 2014. I've had a blast and it's all down to YOU!!


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