Well this is new ....

Hello gorgeous ones! 

I'm blogging on the go today from my iPhone! 

I was having a conversation with my almost 13 year old son a few days ago and we were negotiating over how if he keeps out of bother at school Id allow him a friend to come and stay over on Friday night. 

He agreed to 'be good' and I agreed that if he stuck to this his friend could stay. 

"So who are you gonna ask to stay then" I asked him. He told me the name of his friend. A friend who had not been to our house before and I thought how nice it was that he'd made a new buddy at school. 

I nodded and smiled. Way to go my boy! You see, my son has Autism so every friend he makes feels like such a milestone for him. 

My son was thinking away. He was thinking hard! I could almost see the cogs in his brain turning away he was thinking so hard!! 

"What is it?" I asked him 

Awkwardly he responded .... "Mum, when my new friend comes can you, erm, if you don't mind .... Keep your hair on ?" 

ME: 😳 "yeah I guess so ...." 

He had NEVER asked me before to do this. All his friends know I have Alopecia and non of them could care less!! 

I chose my words carefully .... 

"Do you think your friend would make fun of you because I have no hair?" 

And my son chose his carefully .... 

"No I don't think so but I don't know him all that well yet and I'm not ready for him to know everything about me" 

Well played son. Well played .... 

I understood. I wasn't offended. I remember being a teen and worrying about what people would think of anything out of the ordinary. 

As my son left my bedroom after our conversation he causally turned to me and said "oh and by the way, don't wear your headscarf either mum.... You look like a gypsy" 


Love you too kiddo!!! 

Much love! 


Sounds like a sweetie. I'm curious how my almost-4 year old will do when he's old enough to "know better". For now, it's just "Mom get your hair on so we can go play!"

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