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I'm going to be brutally honest here.

Toppers never interested me all that much in the past. 

I know that this is down to the fact that I don't personally require a topper. I'm 100% hair free on my scalp and most of my body (those pesky under arm and chin hairs just annoy me!) so for me, a topper is useless. 

As Aspire has grown though I started to see many women coming to me for help who have thinning hair or androgenetic alopecia. For these women a topper would be welcome! 

I started researching toppers around two years ago and sadly there wasn't really much out there. A couple of human hair toppers here and there ...... a hand full of synthetic toppers etc. I found a couple of problems whilst trying to source the 'perfect' topper for my clients ... 

1 - The base size. Most ready made toppers came in just the one base size which was often too small for my clients needs.

2 - The hair length. Mostly shorter hair lengths meant that unless my client specifically wanted a heavily layered look then the ready made toppers were not going to be suitable. 

Being the perfectionist I am (and I say this through gritted teeth as often being a perfectionist is a royal pain in the butt!!!) I can never 'settle' for something. This trait transfers heavily into my working life as well as my personal life. Everything has to be the best I can possibly make it .... for my clients and also for my own peace of mind. If I don't feel I've tried my very best at something I just end up spending the following days / weeks worrying. 

With all this in mind you can imagine my delight when I spotted the new Top Level topper in Jon Renau's 2014 Fall collection! 

Jon Renau brought us the gorgeous Top Form in two lengths back in April 2014 and also the Top Notch. The addition of the Top Level leaves me feeling tickled pink :D

Top Level is a longer length topper with a lovely wave to the hair. Made using Jon Renau's high quality, fine texture synthetic fibre this piece is going to be a very versatile addition to your hair wardrobe!

Perfect not only for ladies who are experiencing thinning but also for women who simply want more volume and glamour.

My niece is always using toppers and extensions on nights out and I think this will be a piece that she's going to love along with my clients who are looking at toppers to wear on a daily basis.

The picture you will see to your right shows the position in which the Top Level should be worn. This is the ideal positioning that will give you an even hair length all the way around the piece.

What a lot of women I see do is they position their toppers by using the parting on the piece as a guide. DON'T DO THIS!
What you'll end up with is a 'wonky' look which (lets be honest) Isn't going to do your confidence any good and as I'm in the business of building confidence you can see why I'm adverse to you using this method of placement. If, when you've positioned Top Level on your head you find the parting is not in the ideal place for you simply set a new parting!! The Mono top is there for that purpose and the purpose of creating a more natural parting look.
So, moving right along to the base construction lets take a look at what were gonna get from the Top Level.

The top section of this piece is made using a material called Monofilament (Mono). Mono is a fab-tastic material that breathes well and helps give you the appearance of a natural parting.

One of the very best things about Mono (from a visual point of view) is that it gives you a very definite (if wanted) and natural look to your parting.

Mono is a semi transparent material usually so it's going to take on the appearance of what's underneath it. If Mono is on top of your scalp then you'll get your skin tone coming through and if it's on top of, for example, black hair, then the parting mono will bring that colour through also.

What are your thoughts on the new Top Level by Jon Renau? Let me know in the comments below!


Az said…
Yay a topper at last even though I love seeing all of your wig posts too, they all look beautiful

I wear a topper, I do have quite thin hair but the main reason is because I have early grays and have developed a hair dye allergy so cant color my hair anymore

I love that this topper isnt poker straight, the soft waves give it body
I loved this topper when I first saw the collection debut. I must be the only one on the planet who looks best in JR's 8h14 because I noticed none of their more-current styles come in that color. Grr. I do love the waves on this one, but since I *never* wear my hair wavy I'm not sure if I'd be able to pull it off, unfortunately!

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