In the spotlight | The Elsa wig by Jon Renau

No collection could ever be complete without a shorter style :) 

The Elsa isn't the shortest style in the new 2014 Fall collection by Jon Renau but never the less she's a great length and style that has a few added extras thrown in their for good measure ...

Let's get a little from Jon Renau ..... 

"Polished combination of comfort and versatility, this graceful lace front style features HD fibre that can be straightened, curled or crimped with heat" 

Elsa can be worn smooth and sleek or with more volume by using your fingers to tease in volume. Thanks to the HD fibre you can also change up the style by popping in some heated rollers to create even more volume and a wave or curl should you choose to do so.

If we take a look at Elsa from the side, you can see what a beautiful cut this is. Longer layers on the top and nice, neat and tidy into the nape make Elsa look stylish and sophisticated.

Brush the hair back to create the look shown in the photo opposite or brush the hair downward and feathered around the face (always using the Jon Renau HD comb of course!) to create a more rounded short length bob look. 

As mentioned above, the HD fibre really add tons of versatility to the Elsa wig. I like HD fibre wigs so long as they are not super long or all one length but I have to say that i LOVE shorter length HD wigs :-)

Elsa features an open cap with the famous Smart Lace front. Smart Lace is made from a material called welded lace that is more rigid than, say, French or Swiss lace. French / Swiss lace would require bonding or taping into place in order to sit flat and provide security whilst wearing. Welded lace on the other hand is much more durable and sits nice and flat without having to use glue or tape. 

Velvet ear tabs on the Elsa make the experience of wearing hair much more comfortable than it used to be and adjustable straps at the nape area allow you to bring the cap size in smaller for more security. 

Double sided tape doesn't work so well on velvet I've found but small sections of PU could always be added to the ear tabs if you're set on wearing Elsa with tape. 

 All in all Elsa is another great style from Jon Renau. I'd just like to point out as well that although we do offer ALL of the Jon Renau wigs at Aspire, I am not sponsored by this company or any company for that matter! 

All reviews, posts and ramblings are my own and my own opinion on each brand or product. 

Have you seen / tried / worn the Elsa yet?

Are you a massive JR fan like me and my clients are!? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Elsa in the comments below :-)



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