In the spotlight! | The Elizabeth wig by Jon Renau

When I first started wearing hair around 18 years ago a synthetic wig was pretty laughable. 

Fancy caps and Mono tops were reserved for Human hair wigs. 

Oh how things have changed and thank goodness they have!

The Elizabeth by Jon Renau is One of the styles just launched in Jon Renau's 2014 Fall collection. On first glance this looks like a great style!

A slightly longer bob that is similar in look to the Alia wig by Jon Renau.

Elizabeth is a good deal more luxurious and more versatile compared to the Alia wig though! And here's why ....

The Elizabeth has one of the nicest cap constructions you're ever going to find.

100% hand tied with a full Monofilament top and a welded lace front from temple to temple. Due to being hand-tied, I've found that the fit may seem a little more snug which is a good thing for us ladies that have a smaller than average head size! If you need a little more security then you can always adjust the cap size in using the Velcro tabs at the nape.

The ear tabs and nape area on Elizabeth are velvet lined for the ultimate in comfort.

But wait! There's even more ...

The fibre used on Elizabeth is is Jon Renau's HD fibre. This fibre (HD = heat resistant!) is style able using heat. Yes you heard that correct!! You can use heat on this style to change up your look.

Blow drying, flat irons, heated rollers (a personal fave of mine) or curling tongs can all be used on HD fibre. You can, of course, just wear Elizabeth exactly as she comes as she looks pretty fabulous as is! Having the option to heat style this synthetic wig without it melting into a gooey mess is a nice little bonus though don't you think??

What do you think of the Elizabeth? Have you ordered her in for yourself yet?! 

I'd love to hear your comments :-) 

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