In the spotlight! | The Elite wig by Jon Renau

For the final post in this Spotlight series I'm introducing you to the Elite wig :)

I've always been a massive fan of longer styles and up until starting Aspire I never had any interest in shorter length wigs. Aspire was a massive eye opener for me! I suddenly became obsessed. Not just obsessed with the long hair look but also shorter styles, medium length styles .... everything really!!

I wanted to create a business that would work for hair wearers everywhere. Any budget, any colour and any style.

So let's get on with it and take a more in depth look at the Elite wig!

First here's the blurb from Jon Renau on Elite ...

"The elegantly tapered silhouette of this chic short style feels as great as it looks, with cooling open cap construction and effortless wear ability."

The Elite by Jon Renau is a short style that can be worn smoothed out or slightly flicked out using a little water or styling spray.

Shorter length - less friction! This is one of the main things I love about shorter length styles like this. They do tend to last longer than longer length synthetic hair.

Elite is made from high quality synthetic fibre but she's not heat resistant so remember to be careful when you open that oven door!

Colour wise, Elite is available in an impressive selection of colours from a 1B natural black right through to a light ash blonde. She's also available in a natural salt / pepper colour (56F51) and a beautiful natural light grey / white for more mature ladies (60)

Check out the profile look that you're going to get from Elite!

Perfect for all ages thanks to the modern cut but not too modern. I think It's a really nice balance between a short sassy look and a more mature look. I think I'm going to love Elite just as much as I love the Natalie wig by Jon Renau!

The cap construction on Elite is light weight and easy to wear. An open cap allows ample ventilation to avoid over heating. This type of cap construction also makes the Elite extremely light! It only weighs 2oz!!! How cool is that ... :) 

Have you tried the Elite yet? Let me know what you think!! 

Am I going to be getting Elite in at the salon? Oh yes!!


Demira said…
Great post. Keep it up. much love Demira
These little pixie cuts are soooo adorable. I've been wanting to try a shorter piece myself, but my husband likes my hair long. I should really just say "screw it" and give it a whirl anyways. I always thought shorter cuts looks best on women with dainty features (mine are just normal) but the easy of having something so short (no tangles!) is really appealing!
Anonymous said…
I always find it interesting how you can easily dismiss a wig due to the colour shown. The first blonde one I just thought I don't like that but then the brown one I really like. To the point im tempted. What colour is this? Maybe on blogs you should put 'colour shown' :)

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