In the spotlight! | Amber Jon Renau wig

Will I be adding the Amber to my own personal collection? Heck yes!!!

Will I be adding Amber to the salon collection? YES YES YES!!

I loved the look of this style as soon as I saw her in the brochure but what really sealed the deal for me was when I Skyped with Diana Ford from Jon Renau a couple of days ago. Guess what she was wearing during the Skype meeting?


Not only did I genuinely struggle to tell that she was wearing alternative hair but I also remember thinking to myself how FANTASTIC Diana looked with her hair that way.

Let's take a closer look at Amber ...

Amber is made using Jon Renau's classic high quality, fine texture synthetic fibre. This particular style is NOT heat resistant and you're going to want to be aware of this when you open the oven door whilst cooking tea (we've all been there right??)

In terms of length think about the Zara wig. Lovely and long and all girly. The Zara of course is a straight style and the thing I love about the amber is that she has a really natural wave to her that looks like you could have possibly styled your hair a day or two ago and now it's just looking all loose and sexy! Very easy to wear ...

Amber has plenty of layers so movement will be good. You turn and Amber hair will move also. The hair I mean not the whole base! Perfect for avoiding the dreaded 'Lego' hair look.

The length of Amber is great worn exactly as she comes. You can however get all creative with styling (remember no heat!) and create an array of different looks.
Try pinning the layers around your face back, loosely braiding sections and pinning, wearing in a loose pony tail or twist ...... the possibilities are endless!

Like I said .... I'll be ordering in an Amber for myself. I can't resist! And when I do I'll be sure to write a few tutorial blog posts on how you can style her differently.

Amber comes in a great selection of colours too. No vibrant reds in this style but the way I figure it is if I NEED  vibrant red in my collection then I can always go for the Giselle, Zara etc as they do come in more vibrant shades.

The cap construction of the Amber wig features a temple to temple welded lace front, Monofilament top and a wefted back and sides. Velvet ear tabs make this wig nice and comfortable and the size can be adjusted using the straps in the nape area.

Welded lace can feel a little stiff and rough at first but it soon warms when you're wearing it and starts to relax a little against your skin.

The open wefted back and sides allow air both in and out to help minimise overheating.

What do you think of the new Amber wig? Does she look like the kind of style that you'd like to own! 

Id love to hear what you think below in the comment. 

Remember to check back tomorrow! 


Anonymous said…
I love the Amber. I can't wait until more reviews come out about her because i'm curious to see how realistic it looks. I wish it were a bit cheaper. Very pretty.

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