Good morning Britian!

Late Thursday all of us girls who did the Pretty Bald calendar got a message asking us if we could get down to London to do an interview on Good Morning Britain the very next morning! 

Was I excited? YESSSSSSS

Was I scared? YESSSSSS

Going on the T.V has been on my lifetime goal list for a few years now so I knew I had to do it. So, pushing my fear to one side I found myself on the 18.58 train to to London from Sheffield. 

Not only was I nervous and a little scared about appearing on live T.V the next morning but I was also pretty scared about having to travel to London and get the tube to Paddington station all on my own. I've never travelled along as I usually drag Gary along with me and I have absolutely no sense of direction! 

I arrived in London and somehow managed to plonk myself on the correct Tube train that was to take me to Paddington station. Next came the 20 minute search outside Paddington for the car that ITV had booked for me to take me to the hotel! 

Seriously .... sometimes I just have no common sense what so ever. After huffing and puffing and almost collapsing due to an anxiety attack (Honestly I was getting myself in a right old state) I finally located my lovely driver. 

Guess where I found him????

That's right, he was waiting for me at the Taxi rank right outside of the station. Who's have thunk it eh?? 

The drive to the hotel was lovely. It was very busy in London on Thursday night and traffic was pretty manic but my driver was a true pro and I felt safe and sound despite him constantly having to switch lanes and squeeze through the tightest gaps ever between other cars, buses and taxis. 

As we headed towards Waterloo road we went over the bridge and oh my what a beautiful sight it was to the left and right of me. Lights everywhere. Beautiful :) 

I shared a room with Jen from AUK and we spent the rest of the evening (and most of the early hours!) chatting away. At one point we wondered weather or not it was worth doing to sleep as we needed to be up at 4.30am anyway!!! 

I did nod off though (hopefully not as Jen was talking as I was genuinely interested in the conversation!) ..... I was beat .... 

My alarm went off at 4.30am and i did the deadly thing that I'm sure pretty much all early morning risers do.


Not a good idea for me as I am so not a morning person anyway. 

Luckily, Jen politely switched on the main light which got me up. Many thanks for that Jen! 

A car was waiting for us outside the hotel and we all piled in and set off to the studio. 

Gwen, Elin, Nikki and Hannah



Hannah and I

We were live on air at 6.45am and 8.10am. Everyone was amazing!!! 

The girls, the film crew, the presenters and the make up artists all made us feel wonderful. I even managed to get a few selfies!! 

Selfie with Richard Arnold!

Selfie with Ben Shepard!

You can watch us online by clicking on the picture below :)

I'd love to hear what you think of the interview and the Pretty Bald calendar! 

Let me know below.


Ooh, how exciting. It looks like you had a fabulous time.
Anonymous said…
Well done you! But you have to tell us what hair you are wearing because it looks wonderful!

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