Will you join me on Facebook | Wig addict community!


Are you on Facebook? 

I know that most of us are these days, myself included! 

I have a page set up for Aspire hair which I post to on a regular basis. You can check out and like the Aspire Hair page here :)

Up until just a few days ago I have been combining all updates from my shop, website and this blog on the Aspire Hair page. The thing for me with my Aspire Hair FB page is that it is, essentially, a business page. Yes I know I can have some fun on there and be silly from time to time but when you have the possibility of hospitals snooping on your business page and the added possibility of them coming across your crazy ramblings about wig obsessions a girl starts to worry a tad about how such people may view Aspire as a business! 

Add the above with the fact that as well as Aspire being a business and the business being mine, I am also a hair wearer and alopecian and a genuine wig addict! 

So, which all this in mind I decided to create a separate FB page for my Blog :) You can pop across and like the page here (pretty please :D)

I'm hoping that together we can build a fun, friendly community that offers support, advice and educations on wigs. I'd love to get everyone chatting over there! 

As always your comments are more than welcome below <3 



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