Why the Natalie O'solite is giving Codi a run for her money ...

I love the Codi wig from the Amore collection. 

My clients love it. What's not to love!? Codi has a modern style, great fibre and a mono top. Above all else she looks natural which, as an everyday alternative hair wearer, is pretty important. You can learn more about the Codi wig in yesterdays post right here. 

Today I'm wanting to talk with you all about the Natalie O'Solite wig by Jon Renau. Natalie stayed pretty much undiscovered by myself up until just a few months ago. As soon as I saw her in the brochure it was like a light bulb suddenly went off in my head! I needed her in the salon on display. I needed to see this wig.

Natalie ticked all the boxes for a large number of my clients who were wanting a cool, lightweight, modern and affordable wig. Being a shorter length she lasts for a good amount of time when worn all day everyday. 

Natalie is available to order in the Aspire salon as well as over the phone. I'm yet to add her to the website (I will do it eventually!!!). 

And here is one of my lovely ladies wearing her new Natalie in a vibrant red :) 

Let me know what YOU think of the Natalie O'Solite by Jon Renau in the comments below :-) 



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