Top form | mission extend and fill!

There often comes a time in my line of work when you have to get, now how to I put this, creative! 

Often clients come to me with a very specific vision of what they are wanting to achieve from alternative hair. Sometimes a client will come see me and be like " I want human hair, short, blonde with roots and I want it to last" 

Don't get me wrong .... I LOVE when someone has a clear idea of what they want. You'd think it would make my job easier right? Well in all honestly that's not entirely true. You see, what happens is a clients vision of what they want turns totally on it's head by the end of our hour session together. 

One of my fab local ladies came to me almost a year ago with a pretty advanced case of androgentic Alopecia. She had just had her second child and had noticed a massive increase in the amount of hair she was losing. After taking a look at a few different hair pieces she fell in love with the Jon Renau too notch and decided that she would take this piece with the idea of building up to the Jon Renau human hair too form as she became more comfortable with wearing alternative hair. 

She came back to me a couple of weeks ago ready to take that step into wearing human hair. She's due to get married soon and she wanted her stylist to be able to heat style her hair on her big day :) she also wanted to have a little more length and body so we decided between us to go with a lightweight set of human hair clip in extensions. Clip ins are great for adding length and volume quickly and easily. 

Perfect for her big day and future nights out! 

My client very kindly agreed to me taking a picture to share with you all :)

Have you worn the Top Form b y Jon Renau before? I'd love to hear how you got on with it!


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