Tilly the teddy joins the club!

My daughter won the right to bring her class teddy home with her for the weekend last Friday. She came bounding through the door all excited and full of ideas on what (and where) her and Till's adventures would take them ..... and me! 

Tilly came into the salon and enjoyed a luxury CND Vinylux manicure ...

She tried on a few styles and was particularly taken with the Julianne Jon Renau Smart Lace wig in the colour 24/22 ...

And she even went on to follow my daughter across the road to her weekly karate class where she was openly accepted by all the staff and students! 

Yet another example of just how much fun it is being a wig addict :D 

I was especially proud of how my daughter, even at 6 years old, is so relaxed with the idea of wigs and how they are just a normal part of life! There is no stigma in her mind about wigs .... no worry and definitely no shame in the fact that her mummy and her mummy's clients wear them. 

Isn't that how it should be all the time with everyone? 

I'd like to think that we take a teeny tiny step closer to that everyday <3 

Now I want to hear what YOU think? Have your experiences of wigs brought you negative or positive attention? Perhaps a mix of both!? 



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