The work | life balance .... Any tips?

People seem to think that I only blog about the things that I'm good at. You know, like I've totally got things together and I'm just sailing along in my merry little (hot pink) boat on a sea that's calm and pleasant. 

News flash!!

I'm a fraud.

Well, I'm not a fraud as I don't pretend to have it all together but you know what I mean ....

I have my little business which is ticking over wonderfully and my family and my planners and organisation ideas but not everything is perfect. Nothing is ever perfect! But I guess that's just the way life has to be. 

I'd get bored if I had everything and everything was perfect. What would I work towards if I had everything there was to have? What would I get excited about? What would motivate me!? I'm the kinda girl that needs to concentrate on being motivated. It doesn't come naturally to me! I need to feel that excitement and passion. It's what drives me to finish a task and complete a goal. And if my excitement has to come from putting a little tick next to a task on my to do list then so be it! I accept that. 

When I first started my business people always said to me ..... "Make sure you get the 'work | life' balance right!" And "don't forget to set boundaries!" 

Whaaaaaat? FOOLS! They haven't got a clue what they're talking about right? 

Ahhhh but the fool was I *places back of hand to forehead dramatically* 

Those (annoying at the time) advice givers are no fools. They're bloody geniuses!! And they were absolutely right in their advice. Working for yourself is hard, like super duper hard! But it's very rewarding at the same time. 

Last year (right before Xmas) I was in a bad way. An emotional wreck Mr Gary Jones called me! Why? I'd burnt myself out. After four years of fighting, working, building, stalking (in the most professional non weirdo way of course), begging, borrowing and being 100% fixed on my goals I had reached burn out status. 

I was working in the shop until late at night seeing clients. I was taking orders over my mobile phone at 11am at night and responding to emails at 1am. Some of my regular clients who knew me well enough by then used to call me nearing midnight some evenings to discuss colour options and fittings!! 

Was it their fault? Are my clients bad people? NO OF COURSE NOT! My clients are the best. Super duper fab-tastic and I love each and everyone of them to pieces ❤️ The problem was I never set my boundaries back in the early days. No where did I state that I would be UNAVAILABLE after 7pm. In fact I had done the total opposite and let everyone know that I could be reached at a ll times days and night! 


I'm a people pleaser I guess? I don't like upsetting people? Something like that. 

One thing I find that really helps me is to try and keep a balance between my work and home life and me being me ....... well, there's a printable for that! 

Enjoy! Let me know how you balance your work / home life :) 


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