The upside down braid | perfect style in the Follea F Monde wig!

I love up dos. Up until just recently, an up do was considered a no no when you wear a wig. Thanks to the advances in how wigs are made and the clever cap constructions now being produced it now means that an up do is totally possible in alternative hair!

For today's blog post I chose to work with the Follea f Monde wig. Why? Well for starters the hair is beautiful which makes for easy style creations. Secondly the new F Monde collection by Follea (which is now officially launched by the way! Contact me for more details ...) is made using naturally wavy or curly human hair. Natural! Not permed. 

Naturally wavy hair is a dream to work with when creating pretty hair styles. Think about it ......

What's the first thing a hair stylist would do if you were to go and have your hair styled in an up do or half up do for a wedding, prom or party? They stick in the rollers and pull out the large barrel tongs and get some volume and movement into your hair! The Follea F Monde wig already has the volume and waves in it already making it the perfect starting point for today's easy peasy up do style. I'll also show you a couple of variations on this style to get your creative hair styling juices flowing :) 

A couple of things I feel I need to point out before we continue ...

1- I'm not a qualified hair stylist. I'm an alternative hair addict.
2- I'm by no means suggesting that my technique is the ONLY way to create this look or the CORRECT way to create it. I'm simply sharing with you what works best for me.
3) when I'm practicing styles I bribe (yes bribe!) my six year old daughter into letting me experiment on her hair in exchange for kinder eggs and play dough. It's an arrangement we have that works well for us at the present time, though, I'm sure we will have to negotiate our terms if agreement as she grows older as I'm guessing kinder eggs and play dough would not be that much of an incentive to a teenage girl! 

Okay, so now we've got all that out of the way lets crack on peeps! 

The first thing you're going to want to do is secure your alternative hair onto a care head using pins. Split pins, t pins, sewing pins ...... Whatever you want to call them! Just pop one through ear ear tab and a couple in the nape so it's nice and secure. 

I'd recommend asking a friend or your partner, mum, dad, brother, sister, great aunt ... Whatever! To help you with this next bit. If there really is no one available to lend a hand then try popping your alternative hair I between your knees while you work on the styling. 

Position the care head as if she were holding her head upside down (imagine blow drying upside down to create volume!) 

Next you want to take a neat section from the nape area and split it into three sections, just as you would when you began a plait or braid.

Begin your braid, picking up a small amount of hair from each side as you go and incorporating it in with your braid. Keep going. You can carry on the braid all the way to the top of the head and secure with an elastic band or stop half way or three quarters of the way .... use your imagination and see what you prefer!

I like to continue all the way up and then twist the free end of the braid around into the back and secure with a couple of pins :)

Once the braid is done the next steps are all down to personal preference :)

I personally love to see braids and waves together as it gives a really beautiful romantic feel to the style. Add a few clip in flowers or a pretty headband (Claire's) and you've got yourself an easy to do style that looks another other than easy to do!

Do you create fab styles in your alternative hair? I'd love to see some pictures and hear your comments below :)


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