The change of alternative hair wearing | Embrace it ...

I see lots of ladies who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The world of wigs is a new one to them which is why I stand by what I say that a full consultation is so important. 

The consultation process gives me the chance to explain the different cap constructions, fibre types and human hair qualities available as well as giving my client the chance to try on different base designs to see which feels the most comfortable to them. 

What you would initially consider to be the most important factors (style and hair colour) are actually in the very bottom of my list when I start a consultation! Why? Well you see .... There are so many different styles and colours available that the issue of hair style / colour isn't really an issue. The way I see it is that if I don't have it in he salon I can source it and order it in which would (almost) immediately resolve the (said) issue. What's more important is for me to find out what base design suits your situation and lifestyle. 

Example - what's the point in having a fab style and colour when the cap irritates your scalp to the point of scabbing by the end of each day!! 

Once I establish which base is going to work best for you then I can start sourcing your preferred style and colour :-) 

What may surprise my clients the most is the fact that their opinion on wigs and the style they thought they wanted is dramatically changed after 15 minutes of trying on different styles and colours! I've had ladies walk in wanting a dark brown bob and walk out in a platinum blonde pixie cut because they simply fell in love with the change, felt amazing in the new hair and embraced it! 

Have you been surprised at your alternative hair choices after trying on different styles and colour? Let me know in the comments below!


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