Planning your week | help for the small business owner - with free weekly planner printable!

Remember when you first started your small business back in the day and you were full of energy and motivation? There wasn't anything you wouldn't do to meet your targets. You set yourself goals, stayed up late building your website, working on your blog, designing your own business cards and all the rest of it. 

You researched, emailed, called and generally hounded suppliers into giving you a chance! You were brazen, fearless and un-stoppable. A warrior! 

Fast forward 4 and a half years and you've gone (now how do I put this) a little soft around the edges. Your tired, drained and possibly even a little fed up. 

Now, I'm no business adviser but I do like to consider myself a business survivor and I've no plans on ceasing to survive anytime soon. 

Earlier in the week I shared a free daily schedule printable with you which can be found here. Today I wanted to share my weekly planner design with you. I quickly designed these myself in word (I'm not a designer!) and I love how I can open up my arc planner and see my whole week in front of me without having to flick through different pages. 

You can download and print a free copy of these pages by clicking in the following links :) 

I included all the things that I find I need in my weekly pages including a to do list (I always have a separate arc book dedicated entirely to my to do lists!) , dinner planner, notes and ideas and a small section for my shopping list. 

For now these pages are working out brilliantly for me as I can quickly see  what I have on for the week. On particularly busy weeks I also like to schedule in time to respond to emails, write and schedule posts and I even schedule in time off! It may seem extreme but if you're busy running your business all day and then when you get home each evening you find your still actually working then why not schedule in your tasks during the working day as well as actually booking in your clients! Your hubby and kids will thank you for it and so will you sanity ... 

Well that's it from me for today! If you do download my free printables then I'd love to hear about how you get on with them :) 


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