New contact lenses for this wig addict!

I've had to wear glasses to correct my vision since I was 17 years old. Being told that I needed to wear them didn't necessarily mean that I did wear them though! I've never really liked how I look in glasses. And while I have friends and family members who wear specs and look AWESOME, I was always self conscious that they never looked quite right on me. 

I refused to wear my specs up until the age of 25 by which time I pretty much had no choice in he matter as I just couldn't see very well at all! I have that astigmatism thingy me doodle in both eyes. Instead of my eyeballs being lovely and round they are in fact shaped like two rugby balls. Nice huh? ...

I tried contact lenses a few years back but had a really bad experience with them. For one I couldn't see through me and may as well have just not worn my glasses and two they dried my rugby shaped eyeballs out something chronic. So back to my specs I went ....l cursing and feeling a little sorry for myself (I'm dramatic but you guys now this already if you've been reading through my blog!) 

I went to see a new optician about six months ago and he suggested a trial of some new contacts. I believe they are called 'tuaric' but don't I'm not 100% sure that's right. Anyway, these new lenses are super thin and soft and they are weighted so that the lenses rotate to sit perfectly even in eyes that are rugby ball shaped like mine. 

I was so excited for my appointment to pick them up! Having worn lenses before I thought I'd have no problem with putting them in and removing them. Well, I was half right! 

Getting them in was no problem at all. Like riding a bike I remembered how to do this and they felt comfortable within seconds. No pain and no worries. I wore them for ten minutes or so then he asked me to remove them so he could see if be OK at home with my new lenses. 

Now here's where I ran into problems! I just couldn't get the little blinkers out!!! After much faffing (a full 20 minutes!!!!!) I finally got my right contact lense out but I could get my left one out. 

"Emma, you have to put them in and remove them THREE TIMES before I can let you go home with them" 


Well as you've probably guessed that didn't happen. I felt even worse that I'd made my optician late for his next appointment too ... 

So he booked me back in for a few days later and in I walked, head held down in shame at being the WORST contact lense patient ever in the history of all mankind. 

Here we go again ....

In go the contact lenses. Right eye, check! Left eye, check! 

Now take them out ....


Damn you rugby ball shaped eyeballs .... Damn you 😩 

Eventually I did manage to get them in and out (three times) and my optician allowed me to leave with them.

It's taking me a while to get used to them and I'm wearing them for as long as I feel i can cope but one thing I will say is I'm going to have some fun trying out new eyeliners and false lashes! 


Doris Gibbs said…
Don’t be conscious, Emma. I can assure you that those specs look good on you. You can always opt to use both eyeglasses and contact lenses at the same time if you’re adamant on relying in one optical prescription alone. What matters is that you’re taking good care of your eyes and not letting your vision degenerate over time. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

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