My Follea Gripper2 C5055 - An update!

A while ago I wrote about my new Follea Gripper2 wig in the colour C5055. You can take a look at that post right here.

Today I thought it would be useful to write a little update on how I'm getting along with my Follea C5055 that I named Kim! 

Just like i stated in my previous blog post it was love at first stroke for me and my C5055. The colour looked amazing and the hair felt as fantastic as it always does when it's Follea hair. I had no worries at all about getting on with the gripper cap construction as I'd been wearing a Gripper before i purchased my C5055 anyway! 

The length was what I had always been used to (the 14" layered, nice and long), sizing was the same so really the only difference was the colour. 

I went from my usual light blonde ..... 

To a considerably darker colour in around 60 seconds!... 

And here was the problem. 


For the past 5-6 years I've not faltered  once when it comes to a change in my alternative hair. Blonde, red, brown, black ..... heck I'll even go for pink if its available and I don't worry about the change anymore. 

For some reason though I struggled with this change quite a bit and it took me weeks to put my finger on the reason WHY i was struggling. 

So back in her pretty black Follea box Kim went and on went the light Blonde Follea Gripper2 wig that I'm 'used to'. 

To cut a long story short I did manage to figure out what was putting me off wearing Kim. The problem was she was my colour. She was as close as i was ever going to get to the colour of my natural hair before I lost it aged 12. 

So that's a good thing right!? 

Well as it turns out even after almost 20 years of having no natural hair of my own i guess i still kind of miss it. I'm human after all! 

As with all issues that come along on this crazy train ride we call life once you know what the issue is you can start working on it and then let it go. So i did just that. I accepted it, worked on it and I've let it go. 

Kim is now out of her box at least 3 times a week and on my head and I do love her. As daft and dramatic as this may sound my C5055 Kim is more than just a wig. She was the reminder I needed to allow myself to take a break and not feel 'weak' in still missing my own hair. Team that with the fact that she looks bloody fab-tastic and I'd say with out a shadow of a doubt that the money i spent on was well spent. 

Have you suffered from medical hair loss for a long time now? Do you miss your natural hair from time to time? I'd love to hear your story in the comments below.


Anonymous said…
That is a fantastic colour! You look amazing!!
Aspire1Hair said…
Thank you so much :-) I especially like how the C5055 colour is subtly highlighted with a slightly darker root. Many thanks for your comment!
Gail said…
I think you look amazing. I read all of your posts and I think I have the same addiction that you have. 2 new wigs will be arriving at my house tomorrow, #s 8 & 9 in my collection. I too sometimes miss my hair and look at my friends with tiny bits of envy. But I have learned through alopecia and breast cancer that I am lucky in so many other ways. I am a happy wig wearing lady. Love you Emma.
You look amazing in all styles and colours. I still struggle with changing styles and I'm presently loving my short cropped styles but wish that I could suit more colours being olive skinned has some limitations xx
Aspire1Hair said…
Thanks Gail and Julie :-) I've found that I cant go any darker than a medium brown these days. I'm very fair skinned! xx
ayla nur said…
great post. my daughter has had alopecia areata for 6 months now and is almost completely bald. is there any way of getting in touch with follea representatives in the uk?
many thanks in advance

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