Late night hair messaging ....

One of the things I most love about the work I do are the people I meet everyday. I know that may sound incredibly cliche but it's the gods honest truth. 

Hair loss is an emotional thing and sometimes those emotions tend to come pouring out as soon as I sit down with a client and say "how can I help?" 

I don't mind crying. I've done enough of it myself over the years and I can 100% relate with the feelings my clients have when they come to see me. I don't get uncomfortable when someone cries in front of me. You can sob, whimper, wail, ball and (I apologise in advance) snot all over me and I won't flinch. 

I get it. 

I understand that dark place too well to ever begrudge another sufferer the right to sob and snot as much as they need to in my salon and my presence. 

I'll grab the tissues, offer a hug or a reassuring shoulder squeeze when needed and then crack a joke (not hair relates obviously!) and well chat about absolutely anything other than hair until you feel calm and relaxed. Until you feel ready to continue ... 

My sons mental health nurse once stared open mouthed with a bewildered look on his face as I struggled to manage yet another if my sons severe temper tantrums. I stayed calm as I know I should. The nurse wasn't shocked at my calmness ... But what did shock him the fact that despite my sons temper tantrum my next door but one neighbour at the time came matching over wig her son of the same age screaming an kicking her, stopped before me and dramatically declared

"I can't cope with him you'll have to take him for a while!" 

True story! 

She proceeded to dump (and I mean she literally threw her son at me) and storm off back to her house next door but one. Even though she saw me trying to calm my own son down she still left her son (who was also in the autistic spectrum I might add) with me. 

So then I was in a double mission to calm both boys down. 

My own son had totally different needs to her sons so I felt momentarily terrified but I soon picked up on what was going to work for him and I for in with it. 

Both boys were calm within 20 minutes which I was secretly very proud of! 

When they were both settled I turned to my sons nurse .... 

"Do you see mug on my forehead???" I asked

He laughed. "No not at all" he whispered .... "I see problem solver" 

Excuse me while I get back in track! I seem to taken a little trip down memory lane right there ... 

The point is I like to help people. I love my job and I live my clients. Many become friends and as someone who refused to finish school due to being bald it's wonderful to have so many friends now as an adult. 

Late night messaging is not unusual and it's the messages like the one below that reinforce and feed the problem solver in me

CLIENT - 10.20pm and what am I doing? Bonding!!!!

ME - A girl after my own heart!!! I'm currently setting my rollers ...

CLIENT - Haha that's ace!

CLIENT - Cousin It!

ME - Not a good look :D Check out my Dolly Parton!!

CLIENT - Looks good! Beautiful!

The conversation went on a little longer and resulted in a very proud client with her topper successfully bonded and me .... well, with me looking and feeling very Dolly Parton.


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