Kim and her spirit wigs | case file #4

One of my gorgeous clients and friends Kim and I met through Facebook over a year ago or so now. Initially it was her husband who contacted me for advice and Kim went on to purchase a Follea wig which she absolutely loves! 

Kim and I have a lot in common. I'm a wig addict and so is she would be one of our similarities! We can both appreciate a good example of alternative hair. It could be so etching as stunningly beautiful as a Follea wig, a sassy Jon Renau Smart Lace wig ..... Anything! If it's nice and it works for us then we both get super duper excited about it (as all true wig addicts do!) 

When the new Evolution collection launched earlier this year Kim and I were very excited. I wanted a spirit wig to add to my collection and so did Kim! 

After receiving an example in the salon came and her husband drove up to Sheffield to visit me and take a look at the spirit wig and a new Follea colour that had been brought out (the C5055 which by the way is LUSH and yes, I do have a gripper in this colour now!!). 

Kim fell in love with the style of the Spirit wig <3 

Spirit is long and she comes pre styled and layered. You can wear her right out of the box with just a small amount of styling such as setting your parting and running the straighteners through her! An alternative hair wearers dream.

Here is spirit after I set in her parting and gave her a quick run through with the straighteners. 

and here is spirit being lovingly worn by her new owner Kim! 

Isn't she gorgeous! 

I'd love  to hear from other wearers if the spirit :-) how are you finding her? Do you wear her with tape or without? 

For me I would have to wear a little bit of tape at the nape and ear tab areas but I can pretty much get away with not using any tape at the lace front for general everyday wear :-) 

Let me know in the comments below!


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