How I keep my day on track (with free printable)

I love me a free printable!

I love Arc notebooks, Martha Stewart, Filofax and pretty much any type of planner. I'm even considering (and by considering I mean desperately trying to justify!) purchasing one of the *sighs* Erin Condren planners for next year. We don't seem to have anything like the Erin Condren planner in the UK so it would mean ordering it direct from the US and waiting for it to arrive with me. I'm not that much of a patient person which is what has been putting me off ordering in the first place! 

My Arc notebooks and planners look pretty but they also serve a very important purpose. 


It's not like I'm lazy or anything. It's just I've come to accept that I have a limited supply of energy (I have the M.E to thank for that I guess!) but seriously it's common sense ...... No one can go on and on and on and on and stay healthy both physically and mentally. It's just not possible. 

I am so busy these days what with the business and family life that it was getting to the point that something was going to have to give. The fear I had was that the 'something' was going to end up being my sanity!! Seriously, I thought I had felt stress and anxiety before but boy was I wrong! 

I wasn't sleeping, I was forgetting things, taking no enjoyment in family time etc. I think I was starting to get fed up and reaching a burn out point. I found myself in a vicious cycle of running off to work to avoid stresses at home and then running off home to avoid any stresses of work. Not good peeps! Not good ....... 

Why am I telling you this you may be wondering? Well I guess I'm waffling on about all this because I just want to reassure people that if you are feeling this way right now then you're not crazy. Your not cracking up, losing the plot and your NOT going to end up in some padded room someone sat in the corner belting out your best rendition of Judy garlands 'somewhere over the rainbow'.

One thing I've found that really really helps me stay focused is a daily planning sheet. it sounds ridiculously simple and it is! but if it works then that's good enough for me.

i love browsing pinterest and a great selection of planner / planning printables can be found on there both free and to purchase. 

I have my faves that I've found on Pinterest and I also like to create my own planner pages too that are a like more tailored to me. Take a look below (just so you know, I filled in this sheet for effect! I think my clients would be a little worried if I put their names and numbers on my blog for all to see)

On days when I feel I need to really focus I find these daily planning sheets to be a life saver for me. Here's what I do ....

The night before I get in my PJ's and get myself settled up in bed. I take my sheet and fill in everything that I need to be doing the following day. If I'm feeling particularly frazzled or nearing frazzling point I even schedule in lunch, rest time and bubble bath time! Did I mention I love to plan?? 

Below is a blank copy of my daily schedule that you can download and print out for your own planner if you'd like to. 

It's a pretty basic design that I cooked up in word. I'm not a designer by any means!

you can download and print a blank daily schedule page here

Do you love planning out your day the night before? 

Maybe your a bit of a planner addict like me! I'd love to hear your comments below :)


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