Case file #3 - Nikki and her Follea Aero2

Nikki travelled to see me all the way from Ireland. We had been in contact via email and over the telephone for a few weeks before her and her mum got a plane and then a train to come and visit me in my little alternative hair salon.

Nikki had developed alopecia areata and was struggling to hide the patches of hair loss that alopecia was leaving her with.

Sporty and outgoing, Nikki was slowly finding herself avoiding playing Hockey due to her alopecia and it was starting to seriously effect her self confidence as alopecia so often does.

Nikki told me she wanted the best and she needed security so that she could get back into playing and teaching Hockey and start moving forward again with her life.

After going through a few different options with the lovely Nikki and her equally lovely mum Nikki had fallen in love with the Follea Aero2 wig. Check ot her pictures below!

Do you wear a Follea Aero2? I'd love to hear your feedback on the collection in the comments below :)


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