5 things I love about Jon Renau Smart Lace wigs

I'm going start off by saying that this blog is not sponsored by Jon Renau!! Everything in this blog is off my own back and my own opinions etc <3 ... 

I tend to wear my Follea gripper-2 wig most days. I do like to change it up every so often though and wear a different colour, length and style! 

Now, if I could afford to own every length and colour combination that Follea offer then I would totally go for it. As it stands I have myself three much loved  Follea Gripper-2 wigs in three different shades (C10030, C6020 and C5055) and I feel very lucky to have not one Follea but three! I also have one of the new Follea F Monde wigs in the 16" layered style on order (delivery due at the end of this month whoop whoop!!!!!) and I've ordered her in the C6020 colour also. 

Despite this I still like to have a few other styles close to hand for when I fancy a change. All of my Follea Gripper wigs are longer lengths but some days I just want to wear short hair in a vibrant colour! 

My go to brand for a synthetic wig is Jon Renau :) I really like the quality of the hair fibre and the styles are mostly modern. The colour choice is also very good! And they offer a good selection of vibrant and rooted colours. So what do I love about the Jon Renau smart lace wigs? 

1- I love the smart lace front! Well obviously. Have you ever tried on a smart lace wig? The hair line at the front is amaze balls. It looks just like the hair is growing right out of your scalp with no definite line or ridge to worry about. I find the lighter hair shades look the most natural on me due to my super pale skin tone but I have ladies come in all the time for consultations and these wigs never fail to impress :)

I'm wearing the Zara Smart Lace wig in this picture!

2- the styles! I love how Jon renau cater for different age groups, styles and tastes. For example ..... Not every hair wear wants a wig that is super volumised. Some of us want a more natural density and I know we all want to avoid the dreaded 'Lego hair' look. You know the look ..... When it looks just as if your hair has been plonked on top of your head and it doesn't move when you move. It just stays there ...... Static ..... Stiff ..... Lego hair! 

I'm wearing the Giselle Smart Lace wig in this one!

3- The Mono top :) I LOVE the fact that most of the Smart Lace wigs have either a full mono top or a Mono part. Monofilament gives you the choice of where you would like to wear your parting as well as giving you a natural parting look. 

4- The colours! I really like the large selection of colours that Jon Renau offer. Vibrant reds and bright blonde or you can go for a more natural shade with natural roots. 

Look at all those pretty colours! 

5 - Stock levels! - It's a rare occasion to order in a Jon Renau Smart Lace wig for one of my clients just to find it's out of stock. Jon Renau keep their stock levels high which results in hardly ever having to keep my clients waiting for their new hair. 

So there you go! Those of just 5 of the things I LOVE about the Jon Renau Smart lace wigs :) 

Do you wear Jon Renau hair? What do you think to their Smart Lace collection?



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