"Mummy, why don't you have any hair?" ...

Oh crap ... 

The dreaded question that most mummies with alopecia never feel fully ready to answer.

That moment when your little one asks you the question .... "Mummy, why don't you have any hair!?"

If you're anything like me then you may be thinking to yourself 'now how do I answer this question in a way that gets all the facts across (or at least the important facts) without scaring the crap out of them or upsetting them?'  

Now, I have never hid my alopecia from my kids. I have two kiddos aged 12 and 6. They are totally at ease with seeing me  in different wigs, hats and scarves or totally bare headed.

I get asked how to handle this situation ALOT by my clients. What should you say? How to explain? 

I'm no therapist! But what i would say (from experience) is that if your kiddos are pretty young (under 10 years old) then the best way to talk to them about your alopecia when they ask the question is to be honest and keep it as light hearted as possible. 

Here's a convo between myself and my six year old that i had recently

Kiddo: Mummy, why do you have the alopecia? 
Me: Well, no one knows. Not even the doctors.
Kiddo: Does it hurt? 
Me: Nope. It doesn't hurt at all *crazy lady smile plastered across my face*
Kiddo: Will it ever grow back mummy? *sounding sad*
Me: Well that's the thing you just never know! It could grow back at some point i guess ... 
Kiddo: Will i ever get it? *looking worried
Me: *TOTALLY FREAKING OUT NOW THAT MY KIDDO IS STRESSING ABOUT BEING BALD LIKE HER MUMMY!!!!!!!* I highly doubt it *crazy lady smile back* But you know what? If you ever do then it won't be a problem i can promise you :) 
Kiddo: *Smiling and kisses me* I like your bald head mummy. It's smoother than daddies :) 

You've gotta love 'em right!?

How did you explain your alopecia to your kids? Has the conversation ever come up? I'd love to hear what you have to say on this subject :-) 



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