The Follea F Monde collection - a wig addicts review ...

Follea are well known for their quality and beauty. 

They have brought us their trade mark "Natures most beautiful hair" collection and introduced us to their beautiful wigs and hair pieces such as the Gripper2, Aero2, Lifestyle and Topette collections. 

With these beautiful collections comes a higher price tag of course! 

To be brutally honest the Follea price tag felt TOO HIGH to me when I was first introduced to it back in 2010/2011. 

"Thousands!!!!! For what??? It's only bloody human hair! 

"Surely you're just paying for the brand name right??" 

"Well what do you expect!! They're based in Beverly Hills baby!!!" 

Bless my naive little wig addict soul ... 

I realised very quickly that Follea hair was different. Not just the hair but the cap constructions. Every Follea wig is expertly crafted. It's not rushed it's created carefully.

It lasts. It washes well. Very well in fact! 

It's beautiful




It's *whispers* perfect ...

We have a saying in my little alternative hair shop and it goes like this ...

"Once you wear a Follea hair nothing else will compare!" 

Seriously. It's become somewhat of a catch phrase!!

Mr Gary Jones says it ....... My lovely Donna Murphy says it .... even our cool, calm and collected stylist Miss Harriet Jardine has been known to utter these words! Even my six year old has come to the conclusion that if she was ever to develop alopecia like her mummy (and she says this without a shred of worry in her little voice) she would just get a Follea wig as it's (and I quote) AMAZING.

Now, back to the cost of a Follea ..... Yes they are expensive and we all know it's due to the beauty of the hair and quality of the wig. I have to save for my Follea hair. I'm not rich! If I was rich I would have a Follea in every length and colour which in itself is probably not the best idea as my 79 year old neighbour, John, is already confused enough by my ever changing hair styles.

I'm rambling! OK, so back to the original point of this post. The NEW Follea F Monde collection!!!!

I'm excited for a number of reason by this new collection.

1) It's Follea
2) It's CHEAPER than the original Follea collection
3) The F Monde wigs are made using naturally wavy and curly hair. NATURAL as in NOT permed. 

In the wig world this is like Gold dust.

When I heard about this new collection my mind started racing.

"It's gonna be more expensive"

"It won't come in the Gripper2!"

"It won't be available in blonde! I'm Blonde and I want one too :("

Wrong, wrong, WRONG!!

Introducing the new Follea F Monde collection!

 Isn't she pretty :) The beautiful natural wave in this wig is fab-tastic. I'm excited about this collection mainly because this is exactly how my hair was when I was 12, right before I lost it all to alopecia. I hated the wave at the time of course and longed for straight silky hair that has no volume or movement at all.

Now, at the age of 31 I pine for this hair. I need it back in my life! In Blonde though for me which, by the way, it is totally available in!

Another great thing about the F Monde collection is that, just like naturally wavy hair (which this is!) you always have the option to blow dry it out and create a smooth look. Above I did a super quick blow dry using a round brush and then a super quick run through with the flat irons and WHOOP WHOOP! Super straight and sleek hair :) 

Look out for more blogs coming soon showing all that can be done with this new collection from Follea. 

Available in the Aero2, Gripper2 Cool and Gripper2 Sports caps 

Available in 6", 8", 12", 14" and *jumps up and down excitedly* 16" and 18" lengths!!! <3 

For more info about the new F Monde collection please feel free to contact me

Available September 2014! 

I've put my order in already. I'm not 100% sure how I'm going to afford it but I know I'll make myself afford it as it's important to ME to be happy with my alternative hair. That's what it's all about. Being happy with yourself. 

Some ladies spend £600 on a handbag or £600 on a purse (Harriet Jardine I mean you haha!!) but for me I'll take the bags from Primark thanks very much and the shoes too! What I do invest well in is the hair I wear. 

Feel free to share any of my posts as long as you link back :) 

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