My owl obsession!

I don't know how or when it happened but the other day I was walking around TK Maxx with my 6 year old and I spotted a pretty notebook. 

Now, being a sucker for a pretty notebook I snatched it up (it was a bargain price!) and started making my way to the check out. 

On the drive home I asked my little one if she liked mummies new notebook (see is a notebook fan as well just like her momma) and she said 

"Yeah it's lovely mummy! ... But don't you think you have enough owl things now??" 

Enough owl things?? What was she talking about!!! 

That evening when it was time to get myself into my 'comfys' I took off my precious Follea Gripper wig and reached for a headscarf .... 

Hmmm..... An owl print 

Next I made a cuppa ... 

Hmmmm .... More owls! 

So I went around the house to explore and search for more owls. 

Lamps, ornaments, cushions, cuddly toys, even a mug I painted myself at one of those ceramic cafés!!!!!! All owls.

I'm not worried about all the owls, I love owls (obviously!!!!) but what did concern me just ever so was the fact that I seem to buy these things without even being aware that they are owl related haha!! 

Oh well, I guess we love what we love right!? 

Do you love owls? 

Maybe you love a different type of animal!? I have a friend, Amy from AUK who has just the teeniest obsession with unicorns! You can check out her blog right here :)

Much love! 
Emma xxx 


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