How do you relax?

Deep breathing, massage, bubble baths ..... The list of ways to relax can go in and on.

The question is what works BEST for you? Of course this question is a very personal one, and one that will be different for everyone. 

Alopecia has been linked to stress the doctors tell us and the emotions that Alopecia brings up in us is stressful! So here we are .... We find ourselves in a vicious cycle of stress which then causes more hair loss which then causes more stress!! 

I myself am what I like to call a serial stress head. I used to be pretty embarrassed and ashamed to admit this up until just recently when things started happening with my health that led my straight to my doctor. Fatigue, pain, insomnia .... I could go in and on. What I'm beginning to realise is this. Were all different and the truth is that some of us stress out and others couldn't give a rats bum bum! You know the type ..... Those people that were all secretly a little envious of that are so chilled out and layer back that they're more or less horizontal! I have a hubby to be who's like that. He just doesn't stress over the 'little things'. If he gets some bad news he just seems to absorb it, process it and let it go. 

Now, if I get some bad news or have a client call me upset and needing to chat here's what happens ....

Bad / emotional news received >>>> absorbs information >>>>> process information >>>>> processes information some more >>>>>> and some more >>>>>>> and some more! >>>>>>> realises it's 3am and is still processing the information received earlier!! >>>>> falls a sleep at 4am and dreams about the bad / emotional news received earlier that day >>>>> gets dragged out if bed by hubby to be at 8.30am so as not to be late for work >>>>>> spends all day pondering and stressing about yesterday's bad / emotional news and planning how she can be super women and change the world and rid it of all pain and suffering >>>>>> has a 'break through' moment (or should that read 'break down!!!) that actually I'm probably not going to be able to change the world in 48 hours so eats chocolate instead and finally releases it and let's it go.

It's an exhausting process let me tell you! And one that is not sustainable (or healthy!) in the long run. 

I've had to learn how to calm the brain noise. The chaos. I'm still working on the insomnia (this blog post is being written at 2.29am!) 

I find it sooooooo relaxing to do the usual 'relaxy' stuff like bubble baths, listening to music, meditation ...... But what I also LOVE TO DO is to jump in there and get my hands dirty. I love crafting and planning!! 

I find it's a fab way to spend some quality time with the kids as well, especially my six year old daughter who is so into Smash books, scrapbooks and Deco patch right now! 

My trusty Arc notebook from Staples! I'm a bit of a planner addict and it's turned into a hobby these days and an essential to stay as organised and on track as possible. I love how I can customise this notebook and change around the pages as and when I please ...     

 I like to remind myself that life is good and stay as positive as possible. I also have a selection of affirmations in my Arc book so that as I flick through the pages i am reminded to ficus and stay positive :)

As well as planning i LOVE to draw and doodle with my daughter. I find this really does relax me! Now, I'm no artist and I don't claim to be so be gentle with me on with regards to my drawing skills!

Another way I like to relax is by scrap booking and smash booking. My kids really enjoy doing with with me so it kills two birds with one stone. 

We get to spend some quality time together and I get to relax. It's also a great way to get the kids talking about their day as we look through different pictures and scrap them into our books. 

 Wreck This Journal!

 This is a BRAND NEW thing for me. I love to write, draw and get all creative but I'm a bit of a perfectionist as well! Many people say that perfectionism is a good thing but i respectively disagree ....... My perfectionism traits drive me CRACKERS! 

The thing I like about the Wreck My Journal is that it actually ENCOURAGES you to wreck it! I've coloured in the edges of pages .... scribbled, ripped, torn, distressed, frayed and even wiped my dirty feet on this Journal! And you know what? It's one of my most adored possessions <3

How do you relax and feed your soul? If you're a fellow planner / Smash book / Scrapbook / WMJ addict then I'd love to hear what projects you like to get up to! 

Until next time ...


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