Case file series | #1 The Jon Renau Top Form ...

How useful would it be to other ladies out there with alopecia to see real women just like themselves in alternative hair and read a little about their story!? 

I'm guessing it would be pretty helpful :-) 

Before I go any further I feel I need to explain what I mean by 'real' women. Of course every women is real! What I mean is women who have alopecia and wear hair. No airbrushing, no photo shop (heaven forbid I would ever get the hang if that!!!!! I'm a fraud good old pic monkey and canva are as far as my digital creativity goes!!) 

I'm talking #Selfies.  Alternative hair styled by the wear NOT a pro. I'm talking good old fashioned honest can't get your hair to curl the sane in both sides real women drama!!! 

I get lots of pictures sent to me via my Facebook page and email of my clients wearing their new hair which I absolutely adore! I also get pics from ladies who are not customers of Aspires who send me their pics too which is equally as lovely. 

One of my clients (let's call her Iwa) recently purchased a Jon Renau too form from me and she was so happy with her purchase that she send me some pics actual to share with you all. 

Iwa purchased over the telephone as she wasn't able to travel to see me for a consultation. We spoke over the phone and exchanged emails to make sure we were both on the same page regarding colours and lengths and I recommended the Jon Renau 12" too form as it was within her budget. 

Now, my little nervous tummy butterflies were fluttering away in the day Iwa was due to receive her order from us. 

It's not that I don't trust my judgement ..... It's just purchasing new hair is such an emotional process for us hair wearers and it's almost as if I feel a clients anxiety sometimes! Call it intuition .... 

Iwa LOVED her new topper :-) everything about it was perfect for her. The base size, hair length and hair colour all tied in together to make for one very happy Iwa! 

Iwa sent me two fabulous #Selfies of her in her new top form and I'm grateful to Iwa for allowing me to share them with you all. 

REMEMBER - these #Selfies are showing Iwa in her top form attached and styled by herself. No pro stylist or photo shop what so ever. 100% real :-) 

I think Iwa looks fantastic. I have a sneaky suspicion that she could not look anything other than fantastic though as she's such a pretty girly anyway!!! 

Massive thanks to you Iwa for the pics and I know that your pictures will help someone else out there who is searching relentlessly for pics of women wearing the top form. I know it will help them make their decision on weather this is the right solution for them... 

Iwa is case file #1 in this new series and I look forward to bringing you hundreds more over the coming months :-) could you be case file #2? 

Would you like to join me on my mini mission to spotlight 'real' women in their alternative hair or even without / in head wear!? 

I'd live to see your #Selfies and feature them on my blog :-) 

Until we meet again for more ramblings on wigs and alopecia ...


Anonymous said…
What color is Iva's top form??

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